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twitch twitch

Okay, so I’m finally changing my “About” page because I finally do know what I’m doing with a blog after so long and I just kept putting off changing this because some of the comments below are going to address what was here and not what I’m gonna write now, and that’s gonna make me twitch. (Just imagine me twitching now). I still kinda have vague plans about turning this into something productive. ^_^ They’re still there… waiting… Way back in the nether regions of my mind, these ideas lurk about, and I hope to coax them into the light. I’m not sure what kind of productive since I’m rotten at keeping any kind of schedule… but yeah… And honestly, to me a blog is more of a personal thing than a business thing, but who knows? For now, I’ll just keep those on the back burner.

I don't want her to RIP

Don’t rest in peace. Come back! I’ll give you a cookie!

So, anyway, this is the “about me” section.  Mostly this blog is a personal blog.  I write what comes to mind and post pictures I find on the internet to entertain y’all.  I answer the daily prompt here at WordPress whenever I find that it… prompts me.  The reason I started a blog in the first place is that I used to write short stories and poems — poems will sneak into my blog now and again, as will small pieces of fiction.  Then I went to college to “improve” my fictional writing and that flat out killed my muse. Killed her dead. Being told over and over again that your writing is “good” but no one will publish it (read: snotty university publications won’t publish it) tends to kill the muse.  The problem is, I never wrote for publication. I wrote for me. Even my professors knew that, but the programs were all about publication. “What’s the point in writing,” they asked, “If you’re not going to publish it?”  Not every painter puts paint to canvas in order sell their painting. Not every sculptor sculpts to pander to the crowd.  They have a vision and they coax it out of their medium.  I had stories that wanted to be told. I wrote them.  I wrote them as they wanted to be told, not as “publishers” would have wanted them to be told. But the Creative Writing program wasn’t about improving your writing, it was about what’s “in” nowadays, what could be sold. So, while my stories were “good” they weren’t “publishable” because they didn’t parrot everything else that was being published at the time.  Seriously, that’s what I was told. “People don’t write in this style anymore. Write it this way.” Blah. Anyway, I dropped out of that program and became a Literature major, and my muse disappeared.  I hold out hope that my muse is still alive but hiding way back in the shadows of my psyche, but after three years, I’ve only had a tickle of an inkling of her presence.

I'm not a poet, but a writer. The urge is still the same.

I’m not a poet, but a writer. The urge is still the same.

The urge to write, however, is as strong as ever, so I started to blog. Because writing, dear readers, is what keeps me sane. I have a lot of time on my hands, and not by choice.  These past few years have brought to me a plethora of chronic illnesses that I haven’t had the ability to overcome. On the outside, I look strong, young, and fairly healthy, but my body is slowly but surely breaking apart. Take yesterday for example. I took a shower in the morning, got dressed, took the dogs outside for their morning constitutional, and all of that wiped me out for most of the day. Today, I did much the same thing, and I’m not as bad off. I can probably even do the dishes and a couple of loads of laundry.  It’s a day to day thing. But I will never, ever, be able to hold down a job again. That’s a hard realization that I’ve recently come to face. So, to keep from going stir crazy… I need to write. Since my muse is gone… I blog. My only hope is that you, dear reader, benefit from my urge to write if only that it makes you smile once in a while. I’m not here to change the world. My biggest fear is that I’m writing to an empty room. Because that would be awful. That’s why I always like to see likes, and I’m ecstatic whenever there’s comments. Ecstatic. Literally. Because that means I’m connecting with people, and while I’m and introvert at heart, I still like to connect with people.:)

60 thoughts on “Just because…

  1. Such great reasons for blogging. I found my over here because of Purple Robin Recovery, so I’m blog hopping today. But what a fun blog you have. I love this statement, “My only hope is that you, dear reader, benefit from my urge to write if only that it makes you smile once in a while. I’m not here to change the world. My biggest fear is that I’m writing to an empty room.” I’m right there with you!


      • Not too many people enjoy it. Actually, there are times I need to write to an empty room, because there are a few things I want to remember, but I’m not sure anyone else needs to know. BUT if I’m writing to a room full of people and nobody turns to listen, then I’m totally depressed!:)


  2. Enjoyed your blog! As a senior who could no longer work due to worsening disabilities I too became a novice writer. Wrote two e-book novellas and am slowly writing a full length story – my blog is about the book and from the point of view of the main character. I related to your blog because my writing is about pouring out the family stories churning inside of me and not for the purpose of selling something. Sales would be great too but as an artist/painter of 58 years, I discovered that my most satisfying and prettier pieces of artwork were those that I created for my own pleasure rather than the commissioned pieces I had done. Just realized that those better pieces aren’t the ones I displayed on my blogsite. Your blog got me to thinking – keep on blogging!

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  3. This is one of the most interesting “about me” pages I’ve read so far. I should write my “about me” like this instead of a standard “I speak this language” and “I work at this job”.

    Also, thank you for visiting my blog.

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  4. Having a ‘critical audience’ is a great experience. I suspect you will find that most bloggers will not ‘be critical’…. but they will tell you the reverse. You will know what they like!!! as you collect followers. (Words from another novice writer??)

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  5. I hope your husband will find a very good paying job soon. It sucks that so many good people got laid off. It sucks that people can’t find work. You sound like me at the start. “Hmmm I don’t know what blogging really is, but I do it anyway”. Now I am addicted and love it. I have met so many great people and didn’t have to leave my house. Perfect:-)

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    • I saw that most of your posts were about Game of Thrones, but you know what? I can read about something and never watch it. Like, 50 Shades of Grey. I’ve never touched the book(s), but I know the story (such as it is) inside and out from reading other people’s critiques/rants/raves/etc… it’s an interesting way to know a story without actually reading it.:)

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      • Bah! You cleverly outmaneuvered my attempt to get you into the show! Bravo, young lady. Bravo.

        (I do have a smattering of other stuff.)

        Hey, I was going to leave a comment on your Mike Mignola story about vampires and Lord Baltimore. Weirdly, I can’t seem to find the comment box. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed your review.


  6. I believe that we have a central and shared need to connect to others. Perhaps the purpose of your blog is to bring people together. Your topics are very endearing and fun. Maybe you can find a way to extend the audience off the blog and into community.
    Just some ideas.:)

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    • I’m glad you find my writing fun. Right now, it’s a way to pass the time and connect with people outside of my little circle of friends as well as stay connected with people who’ve moved on. The internet is pretty wonderful that way.:)


  7. I had wondered if you were from Seattle when I just read your comment to my Mt. Rainier picture! So I went to your blog to find out.

    I will send your husband’s resume to another blogger that works in Seattle!

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  8. I don’t know how I missed this page until now – On the “why blog?” question I think generally I’ve landed on the fact that blogging is for many people about figuring yourself out with a different audience than you have in real life. It’s also in large part aspirational – where you can float your hopes and dreams with a supportive audience. There are any number of blogs out there to show you the limitless possibilities as to what it can turn into. I hope very much that you find what you are looking for in blogging!

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  9. Hi again! I have nominated you for the Liebster award. However, I just noticed you were nominated TWICE already! Congrats (three times)! Anyways, I just wanted to acknowledge you and mention that I really enjoy your blog and the interaction we have between our blogs.:-)

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  10. That’s not at all paranoid Willow! I started my blog as an experiment as well, to get judged everyday by a very critical audience! But then they do love people who are devoted to this art and know what they are doing:)

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