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Another day, another dollar


The daily prompt asks us to talk about our daily rituals, implying – no, flat out saying that: Our days our [sic] organized around numerous small actions we repeat over and over.  Well, maybe their days are organized around actions they repeat over and over again, but mine are not. I do the best I can NOT to get stuck in any kind of routine. And if I find myself getting stuck in a routine, I break it. Immediately. I despise routine with every fiber of my being. Loathe it with a fiery passion that will never die. Sure, there are things that must be done every day… gotta feed the pets, things have to be cleaned, gotta take my meds, that kind of stuff. But do I do them at the same time every day? Hell the fuck no. I couldn’t even live that way. Even when I had nine to five jobs, things didn’t get done routinely. Ugh! They got done, and on time, but yeah, nowhere near routinely unless it was strictly required (even then I tried to weasel around the routine). Which is why I took temp jobs — I usually was on to a new job before things got too route and boring. I honestly can’t tell you why I’m so against routine. Part of my miswired brain, I suppose. I just know that if I do catch myself in a rut, it’s time to be worried because it’s a sure sign that something is amiss with me. Generally it means that I’m depressed and need to do something about it. Other than that, routine has no place in my life. Hell, I don’t even put my clothes on the same way every morning. It’s just not happening.

Take writing for this blog as an example. Sometimes I write in the morning, or I might leave it until in the afternoon, or I might not have the energy to do it until late at night. Sometimes I’ll use the daily prompt, but there are times I have other things to write about so I write about those. Or, like yesterday, I’ll write more than one post. But there are days when I don’t write at all, either because I find I don’t like the prompt and I have nothing to say or because I just don’t have the energy enough to form words into sentences, or even because life happens and there just isn’t enough time. And I’m pretty lackadaisical about it all. I mean, it’s something I enjoy doing, but some people take blogging seriously. When I go online and look for calendars for other purposes, I see “blog calendars” out there for sale and for free. While I like blogging and hope y’all like my blog posts, I have no idea what I would do with a “blog calendar”. I just don’t plan that far ahead on what to say and how to say it. And, building up that kind of schedule around this blog would make it just too much. I mean… wow!  I’m glad it works for some people, but it would make me nuts.

How true is this?

That could be why my house is usually in such a state of disarray. 🙂 I don’t much care. It’s not dirty, just cluttered. Drove my first husband batty since he was something of neat freak — a place for everything and everything in its place! Do you know anyone like that? Again, neither is better than the other, just different. And it was really hard to compromise between the two. Probably one of the (many) reasons why he’s my first husband and not my current husband. ^_^  My current hubster doesn’t much care about the state of the house so long as it’s not dirty. Actually, he was a bachelor for so long he doesn’t much care if it’s dirty either, but I do. >_< Dirt drives me nuts, and when I’m too sick to clean, it makes me batty. It’s like my current hubby just doesn’t see the dust everywhere.

But the prompt actually talks about “routines” (things we do over and over again) and then asks about about our favorite daily “ritual”.  Routines are things we do by route, like brushing our teeth or taking a shower.  A ritual would be something we’ve set up to make life a little better, like lighting candles, and putting on music to take a nice, hot bath, and relax.  My husband likes to disappear into his nerd cave and watch television for at least two hours a night as his nightly ritual. He turns off all the lights, puts his headphones on, and just zones with a glass of wine. It’s his ritual. He needs it to unwind. Me? I don’t have a ritual. I dislike them as much as I do routines.   Hell, our actual wedding vows took exactly two and a half minutes, that’s how much I abhor ritual. Then it was party time. So, favorite ritual? Don’t have one.

But I will tell you this, because it does happen about every day… It’s not really a ritual because it’s completely involuntary. See, I have an interesting mind. It’s not convinced yet that my body is telling the truth when it says it hurts. So most days when I’m in that state between awake and asleep I have about maybe thirty seconds when my mind is convinced that I’ve been lied to all this time, and I’m not sick. I feel happy, content, pain free, and I think, “Maybe, just maybe, it’ll be okay.” Then I’ll move, I dunno, my foot to get out of bed, or I’ll take a deep breath, and the pain will come flooding through, waking me completely up. That’s when my day starts. Some days are better than others. But I do love that thirty seconds because it’s just a wonderful feeling to have that few moment of, “Everything’s gonna be great now.”  You know?




7 thoughts on “Another day, another dollar

  1. This was so cute. I thought both of your adds or whatever they are called were right on. I can do the same with cleaning. And the ‘what do you mean, how was my day?’ was extra special. Enjoyed reading!


    • Those are just pictures I pick up from the internet. I try to attribute them when I know where they come from, but some are just floating around out there (Like the blog one, though it is signed…)


  2. I enjoyed reading this blog. I’m like you, my house is not dirty, it’s not the neatest house, but I have a place for everything and everything is in it’s place. However I do have a ritual or two.


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