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So, today’s daily prompt asks us to write what an ancient ancestor would be surprised about should they suddenly come back from the dead and pop by for dinner.

Well, two things. One, if anyone comes back from the dead — I don’t care who they are — I’m getting an exorcist, witch doctor, witch, priest, voodoo priest, I don’t care what it takes… and putting their ass back in the ground because that’s just not right. I’m pretty sure I blogged about that earlier. It’s just not cool. I mean, bad things happen when people come back from the dead. No coming back from the dead.  Not happening in my house. Taboo. Get thee back to the grave! In other words I don’t mess around with the dead. And I certainly don’t eat a meal with them.

Now, if I’m visited by a ghost, that’s a whole nother story. But I’d certainly be asking why an ancient ancestor would suddenly chose to come and visit me all of a sudden. Why? I said there were two things. 🙂



Two. I don’t know much about my family. We’re not close. It’s not so say I don’t love my family. I do. I mean, they’re family. We’re not hostile towards each other or anything, we’re just not close. I kinda blame my mom for that because she chose to move so far away from her family that we didn’t get the whole weekends or summers with the grandparents that I hear a lot about. I saw my grandparents last when when we were kids – about eleven I believe. I don’t think my children have ever met them, and they’re all grown now. No, my girls met my grandmother, but perhaps not my grandfather (they’ve been divorced for ages and live on separate sides of Oregon), when they were children. It was a brief visit when me and the girls were passing through from one place to another, which is why I almost forgot it.

I do remember my great-grandmother fondly. We met a handful of times when she was in her nineties, again when we were kids. She’s long since passed.  While I remember her fondly, I don’t remember much about her, just that she was nearly 100 and preparing to meet her maker. It’s a long ago and distant memory, but a fond one.  The point is, I honestly don’t know how any of my relatives would react to our new and strange world. If they’re anything like me and mine, they’d roll with it. We’re all pretty adaptable in our family — on my mom’s side at least. I mean, I what I don’t know about my mom’s side, I know even less about my dad’s side.  I’ve met way more of my mom’s relatives (her parents, her aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, their children, etc…) than I have of my dad’s.


I’m kinda agnostic both ways. 🙂

My dad’s dad is a very dim wisp of a memory that stands just beyond my reach. I can’t even remember his face, and I have no photos of him. I know his name was Billy because I have papers about him. I met him once, when we were six I believe. Next thing I knew, he’d passed. I didn’t meet my grandmother again until we were in our twenties. She has also since passed on. Other than them, I know my dad and his brother – my crazy uncle, whom I lived with for about a year and a half while I went to college. My dad is the black sheep of their little family, though judging from the papers and letters I found in my uncle’s attic, he took after his father. My dad dropped off the face of the Earth about ten, twelve years ago… No one knows where his is or if he’s even alive (I’m pretty sure he is). Anyway, my uncle was his mother’s pet — probably why he’s so loony. But of the entirety of my dad’s family, those are the four people I’ve met, and I hardly know any of them. If a ghost from that side of the family came to haunt me, I’d be asking some serious questions of it. Except maybe my granddad, I’d love to know more about him. His papers painted an interesting character.

Now, if someone were to travel forward in time (no coming back from the dead) from my mom’s side of the family, I can conjecture from what I remember and what I know of my mom, my sibs, and my kidlings they would would probably be mystified for a little bit then completely embrace this strange, new world. Hell, they’d probably have a great time, and want to know all about the nifty things we have nowadays. Learn how the television works, how the microwave works. I mean, they may not want to know the science behind it (how many people really do?), but how to operate these great machines. They’d probably want to ride in the car, and work the computer. Maybe learn new things. We might talk politics, or discuss how far we as a species have come. They might commiserate with how polluted the planet is. They may or may not agree with the pace of progress. My mom’s side comes from working, farming stock. Big bones. Strong. Hook us to the plow when the ox dies. Yeah!  They might love how we work the land now or they might find the pace of progress too far too fast. But they would be… if not accepting of it, then complacent about. After all, they’re only here for a meal, right?

But if someone were to travel forward in time from my dad’s side of the family, if they’re anything like my uncle (whom I know the most about), they might seriously end up in the loony bin when they return to their own time. He just can’t take change. I vaguely remember my grandmother being the same way, though she did unwind a bit as she got older. I know my dad dropped off the face of the Earth to get away from my uncle (and because he’s loony too – what? you thought I came by it all on my own? Ha! I get it from both sides of the family, but I digress) Anyway, change for my uncle and grandma was bad. Bad! It’s wrong, I tell you, wrong! Even though this relative would only be sharing a meal with us, I’ll bet money that within the hour, they’d be fit to be tied. What? Women have the right to vote? My uncle doesn’t think women should have the vote and he lives in this time. Women are working? For pay? Who, pray tell, is taking care of the children? Women are walking around wearing pants? O_o Not to mention — interracial marriages? (That side of the family owned plantations). And… heaven forbid. same sex marriage??? Why, their head might explode.

evil laughIt might be funny to see that, actually. hahahahaha! Mine is an evil laugh. Honestly though, I should give my hypothetical relative a break. I mean, as I said, I don’t know them from Adam so I’m just basing their reactions on what I know of my uncle and the few (three) people I’ve met from my dad’s side of the family. They might not be like that at all. They might be like me and my mom’s side of the family, which could be why I never met any of them — they cut my grandmother & her kids off from the rest of them after my granddad died. All pure conjecture at this point.


What say you?

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