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Alas and alack

I never had an imaginary friend as the daily prompt suggests. At least they didn’t say “everyone” this time, just “most of us”. So kudos to you, prompt writer. Good job!

So we weren't original, sue us.

So we weren’t original, sue us.

Or if I did have an imaginary friend as a child, I don’t remember him or her. The prompt also suggests talking about a childhood friend whom I no longer have as an alternative. Problem with that is, I don’t have many long-lasting childhood friends, having been a Navy Brat. It’s interesting though, because while we didn’t move all that much. See, my mom divorced our dad when we were about six and we moved to the town adjoining the Navy base they lived in, then she married another Squiddly Diddly ™ (what we teenagers called sailors back in the day… it was our take on the slang for Navy folks – Squids), but the second husband (I will not call him dad) didn’t get transferred because by then mumsy had too many kids and it was too expensive for the Navy to move us.  My point being, even though we were Navy Brats, we didn’t move around all that much. We just had a lot of addresses in the same area, but our friends moved around us. We didn’t have many friends or acquaintances that stuck around more than a year or two, if we were lucky.

Yep, that's how we roll. :)

Yep, that’s how we roll. 🙂

So anyway, my constant companion throughout my childhood was my wombmate.  My identical twin (hence the use of “we” in many of my posts). Who needs an imaginary friend when I had this mirror image of me next to me every minute of every day?  Not that I was complaining back then, but man, did we not want to share a room, clothes, even a birthday when we were teenagers.  People are under the misconception that identical twins are just that — identical in every way. But we’re not, we’re really not.  I wouldn’t say we’re as different as night and day, but we are our own, unique selves. And, if there’s on thing our mom did right, it was to raise us as sisters, and not twins.  She didn’t dress us alike (except in school pictures, even then it was same dress, different colors), she gave us different names – none of that Darla/Carla or Darla/Darlene  bullshit. Nope, our names were not even close to sounding alike.  Sure, we look(ed) so much alike that hardly anyone who didn’t know us intimately could tell the difference, but that’s nature’s fault. Not much anyone could do about that.

We were often asked, “What’s it like to be a twin?”  My only answer, and it’s not sarcasm, is to say, “I don’t know, I’ve never not been one.”   I mean, it’s like asking, “What’s it like to be dead?” It would be the same answer, “I don’t know, I’ve never been dead — that I can remember.” You know?

This is where I got the term ‘wombmate’ from: Zorro the Gay Blade. It came out in 1981, but we didn’t see it until it came out on video a few years later, so I saw it as a teenager. Oh, how I loved that movie. I watched it over an over again. And it really struck home that we did not have to be the same. Plus it looked like the actors had a lot of fun making this movie.

or funny... sometimes the mind can be funny.

or funny… sometimes the mind can be funny.

So anyway, no imaginary friends for me.  Not until I was quite an adult and started hearing things while in the middle of a manic psychosis. Nothing as awful as voices in my head telling me to off the neighbors, but for a while it was a scary ride. The mind can be a wicked playground. But I’m sure that’s not quite the imaginary friends the prompt writer was talking about. It’s one of the perks of being mentally interesting. I never know where my mind will take me next. Worry not, dear readers. I’m feeling MUCH better now. ^_^


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