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Dude, I’m so not gonna

it's legal here you know.

it’s legal here you know.

I’m a little tired, today, and I hurt like hell. So I won’t be doing the daily prompt’s suggestion of playing devil’s advocate on a pet peeve. Well, not completely the way they want me to…  I do that enough as it is without them to prompt me into it. But I will talk about a contentious subject because it’s on my mind and not because of the prompt.  See, because I’m tired and I’m in pain, the hubs and I went by a cannabis shop today to see what they had to offer in the way of weed.  I thought that we might buy some so maybe I could get some sleep tonight. It’s been months since I’ve had a really good night’s sleep. Sleeping pills don’t work, and neither does alcohol, nor do pain meds. Anyway, all the cannabis shop really had was dried weed. Flowers I guess you call it, and only one strand for pain… I dunno, that’s what they said. I’ve never smoked anything before. They also had all kinds of paraphernalia to smoke the flowers with, but we’re in a smoke free building so that’s kinda out. They sold “vaporizers” which were really electronic smokers. No vapor involved. There would still be smoke, and I don’t want to get evicted for smoking.  It could happen. It is happening to one of our neighbors because they can’t read the notices the management puts up everywhere about “No smoking! This includes marijuana!“. Plus, those bad boys cost over $150 dollars! I’m not paying over $100 for something that may or may not work for me (I’m talking about the weed, not the vaporizer)!  I’ve never smoked weed before… I don’t know if it will have any affect on me at all.  Nothing else I’ve tried has worked, why should this?

Image from here

Image from here

Anyway, the very fact that we could walk into a store and look at cannabis and the different ways to ingest it is perhaps a bone of contention to a lot of people. Though the legalization of medicinal marijuana seems to be growing (23 states as of this blog post) Me? I’m all for the legalization of cannabis period. For any use, not restricted to medicinal.  I’ve never been against smoking pot, even though I’ve never smoked it myself. I know quite a few otherwise upstanding and law-abiding citizens who smoke it (where it’s not legal). They’re not your surfer dude, live-in-the-basement, never-worked-a-day-in-their-life stereotype that people associate with weed smokers. They’re clean-cut, white-collar, and/or blue-collar workers who go to their nine-to-five jobs every day, and who happen to partake on the side. Most of them have never had a run in with the law and most of them use weed much in the same way people use their nightcaps — to relax and unwind at the end of the day. I’ve always figured if liquor was legal, marijuana should be to. Tax the hell out of it too. Why not?

Store we went to today.  Photo from their website

Store we went to today. Photo from their website

Anyway, the hubby and I didn’t buy anything at the store today.  To be fair, the store did have some consumables — candies mostly. But it seemed that as soon as we walked in the door they were so busy that no one was available to answer our questions. We waited patiently and one woman did try to sell us a vaporizer, but she abandoned us to work the register. After waiting for her to come back for another few minutes, we left. I mean, I’m a patient person when it comes to customer service, but yeah… not that patient. Anyway I learned a bit going in that store, and from the research I did afterwards. The only way to get medicinal marijuana here in Washington is to get a card for it. And to get a card for it, I have to go through some hoops. Not many, but they’re there. And after I get the card, then I can either grow my own (not gonna happen) or buy from many of the medicinal marijuana stores here in Washington, where, it appears, the there’s a greater variety of choices than the shop we went into today.

I actually might... know a guy that is. :)

I actually might… know a guy that is. 🙂

Now, I can buy any ol’ weed from the store we were at earlier if I were so inclined, but I’m more interested in getting something for my chronic pain since everything I’ve tried up to date hasn’t worked. I mean hell, if I wanted any ol’ weed, I know a guy who knows a guy.  It’s legal here you know… and the cops don’t ask where you bought it.


2 thoughts on “Dude, I’m so not gonna

  1. Well, here in Massachusetts, they legalized medical marijuana a couple of years ago and have yet to open a single clinic. It’s probably going to be cheaper to keep buying the illegal version anyway. Really stupid. And what a tax opportunity lost.


    • That is an opportunity lost. They have clinics all over the place here, and doctors too. They seem to be doing rather well from what I understand, even with the hoops we gotta jump through.


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