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I’m still around! ^_^

Shopping for homes... :)

Shopping for homes… 🙂

The hubs and I are looking at houses this week and it’s kind of exhausting. Mostly because the houses we can afford are a good forty-five minute drive from where we currently live and we’re looking at more than one a day, which means we’re in the car for two-three hours a day. If you’ve ever looked for a house, you know the drill… open houses, working with a realtor to meet them and look at houses, driving through neighborhoods to see houses that are listed online to see if we want to bother with the house listed there, etc…  We have an appointment with our realtor in a little bit to go look at a few houses here in a bit.  Three today. But we’re not in a hurry. Our lease isn’t up until the end of July. But if we find the right place, who knows? We’re starting early because it might take some time to find the right place. You know? 

Just looking for a place to call home now.

Just looking for a place to call home now.

Originally we were going to buy a storefront for me to open my store and we’d live above it. Worry not! I’m still going to have my store… but having a storefront is probably not going to happen because the cost of commercial property around here is ghastly.  I mean, for these prices that store had better be covered in gold or silver.  Come on!  Plus, I realized that  with a storefront, there’s nowhere for the furbabies to run.  We were looking on the other side of the sound too because the prices are cheaper over there, but after looking at the demographics, my store would just fizzle and die a slow death. It needs to be over here. So now we’re looking for a house and we’ll figure out the store when we’re settled into the house.  It’ll wait, the kind of store I’m planning to open isn’t “trendy” so I’m not worried about it not being a “thing” whenever I get around to opening it.

So anyway, we’re spending our weekends looking at houses. I seriously want to get out of this particular neighborhood where I don’t hear sirens every half hour or so, and where I don’t have people peeing in my backyard… Oh… I forgot I didn’t post about that here.

Yeah, so I was walking my dogs as I do every morning and there’s a person who sits on the bench in the park and drinks his beer… He’s usually gone by the time I bring my dogs out, but neither of us have a regular schedule so we cross paths upon occasion.  Anyway, I’ve often noticed that he leaves his big ol’ can o’ beer under the tree across the sidewalk from the bench and I’ve wondered why he did that because there’s a trash can right next to the bench.  Well, I got my answer.  Last week, as I was walking my dogs towards him, he staggered across the sidewalk, set his beer down, and whipped it out in front of god and everyone and commenced to pee. I mean, seriously, he could have at least faced the tree.  No one wants to see that before their morning cup of coffee.  So, I totally want a place where the only things using my backyard as a commode are the dogs and maybe deer. Though we were talking to a nice couple who was passing an open house we were at yesterday and she did say that in that area of town they did have bears.  I can handle bears. So long at they stay outside of the house.  Remind me to tell y’all the story about my run in with a bear one day.

Not quite this bad… but close. ^_^


4 thoughts on “I’m still around! ^_^

    • “Home is where the heart is.” Or so they say. I feel comfortable wherever I go, so I’m not looking for my home. I’m looking for a place to lay my head that isn’t where I’m laying it now. Because this place sucks.

      They also say, “Home is where you hang your hat.” My hat’s in my car, because I can’t wait to get out of here. ^_^ If it weren’t for my husband, I’d already be gone as a girl can get.

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