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Me, myself, and I (and maybe my purse)

Burn, baby... burn.

Burn, baby… burn.

So the daily prompt gives us this old favorite: Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab? 

And to that I say, “Ha!”

No… I say, “Double ha!” To wit… “Ha Ha!”

Mine is a sarcastic laugh. ^_^

Nothing in my house is more important than carrying my happy ass out of a house that is on fire.  And I mean nothing as in… no thing… not one thing at all. I might grab my purse on the way out because it has my phone which has all of my important numbers in it, but other than that, there is not a thing in there that’s worth risking my life over.  If there is time, and there’s a huge emphasis on the IF there, I’ll grab my important papers notebook because that would make things a lot easier to build again. I’ve heard horror stories about people who’ve called insurance companies, license agencies, and tax people, etc… only to be told, “We need this paper.” But of course that paper, along with everything else, burned up in the fire, and the cycle gets vicious. So I’d grab that if there’s time… but again, that’s a huge if there. Everything else can burn to the ground. I won’t weep over it. That’s assuming, as the prompt suggests, that all people and animals are safe.

That was an easy question.  Moving on.

I mean seriously...

I mean seriously…

So the last couple of days I’ve been kinda radio silent. That’s not because I’ve been licking my wounds over internet drama. Nah, that stuff’s in the past. I’m over it.  No, the reason I’ve been quiet is because these last few days I’ve been having what we in the chronic pain community call a flare, which is basically an increase in the pain that ails us. Yay! For me, that means my body decided that every joint on the right side of my body wants to hurt.  Especially my right arm, which makes things like typing kinda hard. Plus my back and my chest wanted to join the party. Joy! The thing is, there isn’t much I can do for a flare but ride it out.  Today wasn’t as bad as yesterday which wasn’t as bad as the day before, but it still freakin’ hurts!

It's all just Snake Oil anyway...

It’s all just Snake Oil anyway… ^_^

Anyway, I went to my doctor on Monday, and my pdoc (psychiatrist) yesterday. Not much new or exciting from either of them. My pdoc suggested upping one of my meds, adding a new med (metformin) , and a new supplement (NAC). I told her that I’ll try them. I’m open to trying things. I just don’t want to end up one of those people with a drawer full of medications at the end of the day. Mostly though, I just want this flare to end so I can move on with my life. >_<

Image from here

Image from here

Oh! Speaking of meds… I almost forgot.  I did buy some cannabis (It’s legal here) and made some cannabutter with it. I also made some infused oil.  I’ve tried both infusions and… nothing. Some slight pain relief with the cannabutter… I use it on my toast in the morning because well, it’s already made and I’m not gonna throw it out. That stuff’s expensive! But nothing at all with the brownies I made from the infused oil. I’ll probably try it again because, again, it’s already made and I don’t wanna toss it. Maybe I’ll try the oil in something else, like I dunno, waffles. Anyway, I also tried a vapor cigarette that the hubs got with a different strain of bud, and all that did was burn my throat and nasal passage. I got a tiny little buzz from it that lasted about…oh… five minutes. Not worth my throat burning for two days afterwards. Not at all. He seems to enjoy it though. So, more for him.

And that’s it for my rambling. Hopefully this stupid flare will die down soon. I think that it’s caused by the rapidly changing weather we’ve been having here. It’s, like, Wintery one day (yesterday) then Spring is in the air the next (today and the day before yesterday). My body doesn’t take kindly to not knowing what session it is outside. Pick a session, Seattle! >_< grumble grumble grumble.


2 thoughts on “Me, myself, and I (and maybe my purse)

  1. I decided on rethinking everything that I have to grab my backup external drive which has all my photographs and writing on it. The insurance stuff is down the block with the local agent where they keep PAPER copies.

    Everything else? When I get a new computer, it will be online, waiting for me.

    Sorry about the pain. I share it, or maybe there is a great uber-kloud of pain floating around and we are being enveloped by it. I REALLY understand and I wish I didn’t. I wish they’d get the medical cannabis clinics up and running around here. We passed a bill years ago, but they haven’t implemented it. You still have to buy it the old fashioned way.


    • Medical marijuana stores have been around here for a while now, but they made it all legal… last year I think? So now anyone over the age of 21 can go into a pot store and buy whatever they want without worrying about it. I had high hopes (no pun intended) for it the pain relief. Oh well.


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