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The Evolution of Drones

Interesting look at the evolution of drones

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Drones have been used in the past by our military as a surveillance and intelligence gathering tool to help fight wars.  It was a technique to capture targeted threats and another way to keep civilians safe.  United States is not the only country that uses drones for national security purposes because United Kingdom, Turkey, France, India, China, Japan, Germany, Israel, Iran, Russia, Italy, and many more have been known to use them as well.  Drones have now evolved from military use to commercial and personal uses.  In Japan since the early 1990s helicopter-style drones have been used on farms to reduce costs from operations.  The precise technique of drones spraying fertilizers to crops low from the ground has reduced labor costs.  Hollywood is currently using drones to capture unique shots that typically would have required crane operators, wires, and spider cam rigs.  Other uses for drones that are successful have…

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