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Justify an existence??? Bite me!

So the daily prompt gives us this lovely prompt today: You have three hundred words to justify the existence of your favorite person, place, or thing. Failure to convince will result in it vanishing without a trace. Go! And to that I say (as I did in my title) Bite me.

I think this dress is kinda cute...

Contrarily, I think this dress is kinda cute…

No, seriously. I don’t have to justify anyone’s existence or anything’s existence to the daily prompt writer, my readers, or any other person on Earth or in Heaven (should Heaven exist). Nothing on this planet needs to justify their existence.  We’re not here for a specific reason, and nothing on this planet is a “waste of space” no matter what the internet trolls think or say.  Everything that exists does so because it just does and no justification is necessary. Even silly little decorative bows on dresses that serve no purpose (to me) but to look silly don’t need to be justified by the people who put them there. The designers like them, the people who buy the dresses with silly little bows like them, and some people who look at the dresses like them. I don’t like them, but that’s me. And I don’t need to hear reasons for there being silly little bows on a dress. They’re allowed to be there, even if I don’t like them. 

Because somewhere in the world, these exist

Because somewhere in the world, these exist

I have a Pinterest account (you can see it on my side board) and I have a whole board dedicated to things that make me go, “WTF were they thinking?”  So I’m not above asking “Why? Why would you think that’s a good idea?” but I don’t hunt people down and say, “Justify this to me! What were you thinking when you made this??? Why? Why did you think this was a good idea? Explain it to me or I will wipe it from existence right now!”  Not that I have that power, but even if I did, I wouldn’t. Why? Because I know that just because I think that the strange and twisted things I post on that board are perplexing, disgusting, weird, or just plain stupid, they (the people who created what’s in the pictures) thought that the things in the pictures were funny, cute, or just downright fabulous!  And I also know that there are things in this world that I think are the cat’s meow that other people just flinch and think “How can she even like that?” But you know what? That’s okay. We’re allowed to have those different opinions. Because if everyone in the world thought that the same things were “great” and “horrible” then the world would be a dull place indeed.  And not a place that I’d want to live for very long… that’s for sure.

This little guy is all the rage right now. I think he's kinda ugly.

This little guy is all the rage right now. I think he’s kinda ugly.

And asking for someone to justify the existence of a favorite thing is like asking someone why they love a person.  Have you ever known a couple where one person is just really unlikable to the rest of the world? Not abusive but, you know… abrasive, abrupt, mean, and all around an unlikeable person. But the other person in the relationship thinks they hung the moon and stars? Don’t you want to ask that starry-eyed person, “Why? Why do you like your partner? How can you love someone like that?” But if you did ask them (and you probably have — admit it!) You’ll know that they can’t explain it. They. Just. Do.  If you were to give this prompt to them, they might go on and on about how much they love their partner, but how does that justify an existence other than to that one person? It’s a stupid prompt.

Without sauerkraut, you can't have a Reuben.

Without sauerkraut, you can’t have a Reuben Sandwich

Some people love sauerkraut and some people hate it. I think it’s great stuff, and I could tell you the reasons why it  should continue to be a thing in this world. But my husband can’t stand the taste of it and could list the reasons why it should cease to exist. Are my reasons better than his? No. And his are not better than mine. They are merely different. And again, vive la différence!  So no justification needed, dear reader. For anything. Not my favorite things, not your favorite things, not anyone’s favorite things. And I say (again) to anyone who asks for justification — of anything, “Bite me.”


12 thoughts on “Justify an existence??? Bite me!

  1. OMG. Those jammies would itch, dontcha think? The body and the mind! But I must know where that chartreuse dress is from. Is this a still of a movie? I ache to see if she is deliberately going to pour whatever she is eating and drinking down the front of the dress as an excuse not to wear it. (Although some little girl part of me thinks it’s sorta pretty, too.)


  2. I like sauerkraut. I like corned beef. And pastrami. I just don’t want both on a sandwich. Makes the bread soggy. Overwhelms the salty, fatty, beef (yum). Can I have a side of sour pickles too, please? (And the world can bite that 🙂 )


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