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showing off (again)

So, today has been an incredibly awful day health-wise.  I can’t walk without getting winded and dizzy, and I haven’t felt like this in months and months… like not for almost a year. It’s pretty awful. Add a migraine on top of that, and I’m just miserable.

What I've been working on

What I’ve been working on

But all is not dark! I did finish the shawl I’ve been working on for the past week in my effort to use up some of my stash (so I can buy more yarn of course). And here I am to show off. This is the pattern I used, but of course I took some creative license.  It desperately needs to be blocked, but all of my blocking stuff (wires, pins, board, etc…) is in storage so that will have to wait until we move to a place that has room for all of that. Since the shawl is so big (it’s bigger than my wingspan — that’s my entire side of our king size bed in the picture there <–), I need my wires and pins to block it. But it’ll keep until then. It’s acrylic yarn. It’ll wait. ^_^

couldn't quite get it all in the picture

couldn’t quite get it all in the picture

Anyway, I thought I’d show off a bit since my head isn’t trying to kill me anymore. So long as I don’t move around too much… >_> Right now, I have the shawl over my legs, and it’s very warm.  I think I’ll keep this one. 🙂  I don’t know what got me on this shawl kick, but this is the fifth shawl I’ve made in the last two years. I have no idea what I’m gonna do with them all. One is too short for me, so I’ll probably gift it to someone someday. It’s a nice shawl, but I like mine big (like this one). One — not this one — is waiting to be blocked, and then it will be a nice Summer shawl. Again, all of my blocking stuff is in storage so that will have to wait. I’m thinking of frogging one and redoing it a bit differently because I love the yarn and I love the stitch, but I’m not crazy with how it turned out. This one I like. I’ll keep this one.

Pickled egg and beet

Pickled egg and beet

In other news… a few days back I made pickled eggs using this recipe…  and according to the recipe, today was the day to try them out.  Braving my migraine, I did. They tasted amazing! Not too tart, not too sweet.  I like ’em. I’ve never made pickled anything before, and I thought that this would be an interesting first try. Here’s a picture of the finished product, along with one of the beets that were in the jar. I like beets too. I may have to try it again sometime.  Though I read something the other day that I should avoid fermented foods because going through menopause can mess with a woman’s histamine levels. I found that out through a Google search because my heat flashes give me a rash. Like prickly heat. Can you believe that? Then I thought that if I have to restrict my diet any more, I’ll be down to eating chicken and stale bread crusts or something like that. I’m getting really tired of eating a restricted diet. Really tired of it.  >_<

So you know what? I ate the pickled egg and it tasted gooood!  Yum. ^_^


16 thoughts on “showing off (again)

  1. I’m sorry you feel so crappy. Garry and I were just saying that we are finally beginning (two weeks and counting) to feel a bit better (pass the decongestants and the Excedrin) … AND it isn’t supposed to snow again until Thursday (gee, thanks!) …

    I love that shawl. It’s gorgeous. I particularly love the lace edging. You tat as well as crochet and knit? I’m envious because I cannot do one of those things, much less all of them. Beautiful work! And you will feel better. Eventually.

    And spring will come. At least, it always has in the past.


    • I tried tatting once, but didn’t get the hang of it. I still have the stuff for tatting and will try it again some day. But this is a crocheted edging. It’s supposed to have beads in it, but I don’t like beads in my shawls. I’m glad you like it. 🙂 It took me years and years before I could follow a pattern well enough to do it right. Even now there are mistakes in this one.


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