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A small rant about commercials

What the hell do commercial makers think of women. Really? I mean seriously? Have y’all seen some of the commercials aimed at women nowadays? This one in particular is disturbing.

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING when they made this commercial??? This one makes me so mad.

This is… disturbing… to say the least. I mean, do the makers of this commercial think that this is any kind of a good idea? “Recycling” so called “period pads” into hats, blankets, or slippers? Are they insane? No one would use any of these items even if someone did “recycle” them that way. God, that’s just stupid! Even as a joke, it’s wasteful and inane. Not to mention that those two women are really annoying as fuck. I want to crawl into the television and slap some sense into them. How can anyone get so excited over something so stupid? I’m sure that the makers thought that it was funny, but it’s not. It’s really not.  Read the comments on that YouTube link, you’ll see I’m not alone.  The whole idea is just idiotic, and whoever came up with it needs to rethink their career. I know that I probably won’t be buying Poise because of this idiocy (and some of their other, stupid commercials that are just as insulting).

They do use a lot of these...

They do use a lot of these…

I’m just trying to think what the Poise people were thinking in their boardroom one day.  Maybe they figured the “Poise fairy” wasn’t working and saw some stupid Pinterest pin of a slipper made from maxi pads (it exists, as a gag gift) and thought, “We could run with that.”  Maybe they thought it was a real thing. Maybe they looked at Pinterest and thought that women really are that weird. It could happen; there’s some strange stuff on Pinterest. But to pick up on the strange stuff on Pinterest and broadcast it to the world as “This is what women do.” That’s just insulting. Besides, they’re trying to create a market for something that doesn’t need a market (leakage pads v. period pads). Move along, Poise… nothing to see here, and you’re angering your intended market to boot.

Then there are commercials like this:

Come on now, who’s the intended audience here?

Setting aside the fact that it’s a commercial for a prescription drug and I’m against commercials for prescription drugs, simply on principle. This is supposed to be a commercial targeted at women going through menopause.  And what do we have on the screen? A bunch of half-dressed women walking around and unbuttoning their shirts, or rolling around on their beds, or cavorting about the room in sheets, and each staring into the camera suggestively while the narrator goes on and on about the virtues of this wonder drug.  It’s a viagra-type commercial for women, but instead of couples in separate bathtubs on top of mountains drinking champagne (which I never understood), we have… women and nothing but women… walking about suggestively and flinging their hair at the camera… because that will get me in the mood for sex. >_>

Just saying. :)

Just saying. 🙂


I know when I talk to my friends about such things, it’s usually over coffee and not rolling around on the bed giving each other meaningful looks.  If the company wants to get their message across, shouldn’t they keep their target audience in mind? I know that sex sells, but if that were the case maybe they should have a half naked man on the screen.  Or at the very least, a sexy one. I mean as a woman, I certainly don’t want to watch half naked women try and sell me something to make my sex life better. But maybe that’s just me.


13 thoughts on “A small rant about commercials

    • It was a long, hard fight for them to get their crap on air. I remember it well. I remember being angry about it then, and I’m still kinda upset about it now, because it (as Marilyn pointed out below) raises the cost of the medication we need. And there’s no plus for the consumer.


  1. Hahaha! I am so with you on that second ad! I always wondered whether its creators understood what was considered sexy by women 😑. As for that first one, I actually hadn’t seen it before and I wish I still hadn’t 😁


  2. Now I’m waiting for a commercial about recycling condoms. You know, for party balloons, funny hats, to use over your shoes when it’s raining, to store leftover beer after the big game. So many uses for used condoms. I think I’ll call the ad agency for Poise right now!

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  3. I will admit a massive level of uncomfortability while reading this post (most coming from the videos). I do, however, wholeheartedly agree with you. What were they thinking?


  4. And this is why we have a DVR. We zap ALL commercials. Including the thousands of hours of commercials for erectile dysfunction meds, bladder dysfunction meds, and every other Rx that has a list of potential side effects that takes longer to say than the rest of the commercial times two. Those advertisements raise the cost of our medications so many of us can’t afford stuff we REALLY need. I should not get started on this. It raises my blood pressure.

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