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I’m a polar bear

If a bear can do it. I can do it.

Polar bear!

A long time ago in a land far far away, I ran across a poll that asked the question, which animal describes you best? and it gave these three choices: Polar bear, Alligator, and… and… suburban mutt (I think).  Anyway, I am now and always have been a polar bear. I loves me some cold weather. The colder the better. And like the bear, I hunker down when it gets too cold and stay my ass inside. I’m not stupid, I don’t have the body to withstand ice and snow. But you know what I hate? The sun and all its hotness. That’s why (despite the last decade or so) I really do try to avoid hot places.

See the red spots? Not going there.

See the red spots? Not going there.

So, in answer to today’s daily promptIs there a place in the world you never want to visit? Where, and why not? My answer would be… Anywhere near the equator.  I’ve never wanted to visit Hawaii, though I understand it’s beautiful. When I found out as a teenager that my dad might be stationed in Hawaii, I bawled like a baby for a week.  I grew up in California, but Northern California, where we had cooler (but not cold because it was still kinda Central California) weather. It even snowed once. Kinda. There was snow on the ground! ^_^ I’ve never wanted to go anywhere near the Tropics either, and let’s just forget about almost anywhere in Africa, shall we? Egypt is out for most of the year, though I know the hubs wants to see the pyramids some day.  And as much as I’d like to see Australia some day, I probably won’t.

There’s that whole, not fond of flying thing too. You’ve got to get on a plane and go over the big blue ocean to get to any of these places. Yeah, not gonna do that. ^_^  I might could get over that whole flying thing but I know that I would be downright miserable if I were in a country that was hot all of the time. There isn’t much in the way of seasons the closer one gets to the equator so I’m just gonna steer clear of that part of the world. Unless, of course, there’s a world wide disaster and those become the only inhabitable places to be. Then I guess I’ll have no choice.

Don’t ask me why I moved to Mississippi. There were extenuating circumstances. And I must have been insane when I moved to New Mexico. Insane I tell you! But now I’m back up North and all is right with the world. Because I am a polar bear.

Here, I’ll just put my own poll up:

Just because I’m curious like that.

Also, speaking of alligators, this cat is pretty famous at an alligator farm in Florida (another place I’ll never visit again).


2 thoughts on “I’m a polar bear

  1. I like seasons. I like the changes in sun and air and temperature. The autumn and foliage. Spring, summer and flowers. I love looking at and photographing snow.

    I hate dealing with snow, the slipping, sliding, shoveling, and accidents. I hate the cabin fever from never getting out because you are trapped. I don’t mind some snow. Normal snow. A few inches here and there … but not 5 feet with another foot on the way. We get buried, way too much snow for anyone, even those who like the stuff. But … it’s pretty. At least for a few hours right after it falls.


    • Autumn and Spring are actually my favorite seasons, but given a choice, I’ll still stay up here in the North where it snows than go down South where it’s so hot all the freaking time. Here in Seattle, there isn’t much in the way of snow, but it’s cold and rainy. I love that.


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