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Clones don’t work that way.

Season one clones of Orphan Black

Season one clones of Orphan Black

I would suggest the writers of the daily prompt watch the first and second seasons of Orphan Black (actually I would suggest anyone who hasn’t watched it go forth and watch it now) before making dumb questions about “splitting responsibilities” with a clone. Just because someone is an exact physical replicate of you does not mean that they are exactly like you in every way.  As soon as someone has their own, conscious mind, they are different. Sometimes the differences will blow your mind, and I ain’t talking about fiction here. Oh, sure you see identical twins that dress alike and like the same foods, etc… I’ve known a few of those twins myself (and boy, are they creepy). But trust me, they are not of one mind, even if they do have their own secret language to keep the normals at arms length. My favorite set of creepy twins is from the manga/anime Ouran High School Host Club.  They started out as creepy identicals but even they grew apart when they realized the world wasn’t “us” against “them”.  I’m not just speaking from my own experience… people have been studying twins for a long time. Of course, there are amazing stories about twins leading identical lives even after separated at birth… but hell, I’ve talked to people I’ve met at bus stops just to pass the time who’ve lead lives eerily similar to mine and we weren’t separated at birth. But I digress.

Yep, that's how we roll. :)

Yep, that’s how we roll. 🙂

How do I know so much about twins? I have an identical twin, and though we (used to) look alike in every single way, you couldn’t find two more different people with the same face. Well, you probably could, but you’d have to look hard. We never could fool our teachers into thinking we were “the other one” because our personalities were so different.  People still got us mixed up all the time though — people who didn’t know us.  I remember once when I drove to Mississippi to visit my sister and got lost trying to find her place (this is when I lived in Virginia).  I stopped by a gas station to ask directions and the cashier refused to believe that I wasn’t my sister.  Even after I showed her my ID. She wouldn’t give me directions until I asked to use her phone (this was before cell phones) and called my sister to tell the woman that I was not her. So yeah, we look(ed) a lot a like. My mom tells us stories about how she kept our hospital bracelets on as long as she could so she’d know the difference between us. And how she’d dress us differently so she wouldn’t mix us up in the cribs.  Because we were twins, the convention was to put us in the same clothes, so when we were too young to make our own decisions about these things, my mom would buy us the same style of clothes, but in different colors. As soon as we got old enough to make our own choices, we started dressing way differently.  To the best of my recollection, my sister and I never had the urge to look exactly alike.

evil twin lolcatI used to have a picture of us. It was taken at Christmas, we were about six or seven I believe (my parents were married so it was before we were ten).  We’re standing back to back and we have the same nightgown on — white, just below knee length, one has small pink flowers, and one has small blue flowers.  We’ve just opened our presents and we each have a music box in our hands.  You know, those little cheap kids keepsake boxes with the twirling ballerinas.  Anyway, they were the same on the outside, but one was lined in pink satin and one was lined in blue, and we’re looking down. Whoever took the picture took it at a great moment because we’re both in the act of opening the lid of our music boxes so it looks as though there’s one tow-headed girl standing with her back to a mirror, looking into a music box.  That’s if you ignore the fact that we’re standing in the middle of the living room, and there’s people all around us, and that one of us has a bent knee but the other one doesn’t.  Of all the pictures I regret losing, that’s the one I wish I had back.  I dunno, it just captures the essence of our twinness.

Rosie the Robot (Hanna Barbera)

Rosie the Robot (Hanna Barbera)

So, back to the prompt… Yeah, if I were to get a wild hair and grow a clone of myself. I’d be sure to make a younger model. But, here’s the thing… as I mentioned before, once the clone obtains a consciousness, a sense of self, then that clone isn’t me anymore, she’s her own person, and who am I to keep that person around to “split responsibilities” with (via the daily prompt)?  Nah, I’ll just go full on Chobits and/or Jetsons — for us old-schoolers — and get a robot to split responsibilities with. Then I’d only have to worry about learning how to fix robots. So long as they don’t have a robot uprising.

Just for fun, the following is a video mix from season one of Orphan Black (warning NSFW – language). Which you really should see if you haven’t already.  Tatiana Maslany does an amazing job playing all of the clones — ten to date (I think).  It also brings home my point that clones aren’t what the writers of the prompt believe them to be. We’re not animatronics that act the same just because we look the same.


4 thoughts on “Clones don’t work that way.

  1. Ok – adding Orphan Black to my list of stuff to watch. I’ll let you know once I’ve crawled out from my rock 🙂 Looks fun. And agree with your point – any individual being is an individual. But doesn’t stop me wanted to replicate myself for efficiency once in a while …

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  2. And that’s why I want Ramon. Young, strong, healthy. Eager to please. Glad to have the job. Good to gaze upon so not only is he a helper, he’s pure entertainment, too. I can’t imagine wanting another me around. One of me is more than enough!

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    • Ah yes, Ramon. Don’t you just want to roll the /r/? Rrrrramon! I wouldn’t mind having a Ramon around here either. Especially on days like today and yesterday when my back has decided it doesn’t want to do its share of the work.


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