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So… I’m tired again.

Maxine! love this gal

Maxine! love this gal

My psychiatrist upped my Seroquel to help with my menopause symptoms.  You know, the mood swings and such.  Having bipolar makes it very difficult to tell if one is having a mood swing because of hormones or because of a miswired brain.  So she suggested upping this particular med to keep me stable. She also suggested that I take something called Metformin to help with the side effects of the Seroquel  — it makes one crave carbs like there’s no tomorrow, gain weight, and can cause type 2 diabetes. When taking Seroquel, you’re supposed to be monitored regularly (as an aside, I’m probably having thyroid issues because of the Seroquel). The Metformin is also supposed to help with the problems I’m having with my thyroid, and menopause issues… My pdoc thinks it may help with the weight gain.  I’m not gaining any more weight (thank god) but I’m not losing any either.  Anyway, she also suggested I take a supplement called NAC for help with the breathing problems and possibly with the bipolar.

I know, right?

I know, right?

So, okay, all of that was a while ago.  I started the NAC first because breathing! Directly afterwards, I had a horrible flare and stopped after a week.  Was it the NAC? or was I just due for a flare? Flares are part and parcel of this whole chronic pain thing after all. Well, I figured I’d let it go out of my system and try it again later. So I started the Metformin in the meanwhile. So, here’s a link to the side effects of Metformin.  Now, the ones I have are increased stomach upset, shortness of breath, wheezing, and unusual tiredness or weakness.  Thing is, I have IBS and GERD and asthma… so I have that stuff all the damned time.  It’s just a little worse right now. So, should I just wait a bit and see if they disappear? or at the very least, go back to “normal”? I’m supposed to increase the dosage after a bit, but now that I can’t breathe (from the med?) I might not. It’s only been a week… maybe I’ll give it another.


Or I could take one of these…

I started the NAC again too, but a lower dosage.  It’s helped with the breathing a bit.  But here’s the thing. I don’t want to be at the point where I’m taking meds to counteract side effects of other meds. I’m totally at the point right now where I’m looking at my meds and asking, “Which one of these do I really, truly need to live the good life?”  I know I need my psych meds, those aren’t going anywhere. I’ve seen me without psych meds, and it’s not a pretty picture.  I know I need my thyroid medication because I don’t want to get to the point I was before I balanced out on the thyroid medication. It wasn’t a good point.  I’m not going to toss out my emergency inhaler either. That’s saved my bacon more than once.  So I look at my shoe box of medications and supplements and think… Do I really need this?  I’ve asked that question dozens of times before. I have another shoe box of meds just waiting for me to find a way to dispose of them safely because they didn’t make the cut.

Of course, it would be nice if my body would just stop needing all of these meds and straighten up and fly right. I was talking to the hubs the other day and said it would be great if I could find a reset button on my body and reset it to the factory default settings. I don’t want to revert to a baby, I just want everything to work the way it’s supposed to before I downloaded all of these stupid viruses.

Just for fun… if you’re a Misha Collins fan, here’s his new product. Snake Oil or Serpessence. I bought some for my honey for Valentine’s Day (the signed one, of course),


12 thoughts on “So… I’m tired again.

  1. Fukitol has always been my drug of choice. Maybe I’m lucky in being physically unable to take a lot of the drugs that would otherwise have been prescribed for me. I’ve had to find other ways of coping and the people who love me have had to find a lot of ways to cope with me! I do not envy them. Therefore, I take Fukitol by the handful. It’s the best drug in the world.

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    • There are a lot of meds I can’t take… pain meds for one. I went through TONS before I found the right psych meds, and the two I do take are atypical for bipolar. But they work, dammit! I’m tired of the med-go-round for this breathing thing so I’m about to hop off that son of a bitch because nothing’s working and I’m running out of options.

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      • I have so many conditions, it’s ridiculous. So I take the minimum of whatever I need to keep it together. Between the heart things and the cancer, not to mention the ulcers and the arthritis … well … that really limits the options and maybe it’s just as well. There was a time when i was taking a lot more of everything and I didn’t feel better. I often wonder how many of my problems were caused by medication side effects of past prescriptions. There’s some stuff — BP meds — I must take or I’ll die, but everything else, I think long and hard before I consider it.

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