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I really hate decisions

But I know they have to be made.


So, here’s the thing. The hubs and I are looking at houses, and we want to move north of Seattle to get away from the sirens, loud bangs, and all the busy-busy of the city life. We’re just not city folks. But he still has to work here so it’s got to be accessible so we’re looking in a few spots.

Love the bullet hole...

Love the bullet hole…

Now, we did find a house that I, personally, like.  We’re calling it the 412 house because it’s on 412th street. I think I wrote about it before. It’s got 2.5 (I misspoke last time and said five) acres of land, a stable for two horses that I can use for goats, another place that I can use for chickens, two more outbuildings that I think are staying,  and lots of potential. It does need some TLC, especially the yard… but it’ll do for a few years until we build up equity and have some money saved.  It’s handy to the freeway, and shopping, like right down the road from a major shopping center and “downtown”. The interior is nice and roomy, if a little dated, but everything works and it appears to be airtight and watertight.  And I think it’ll be cozy for awhile.  It’s way below our top budget price. Now, it is on the 100 year floodplain, so we’d need flood insurance, but there doesn’t appear to be any flood damage to the home, and they’d have to disclose that before we buy anyway. And of course we wouldn’t buy it without having a thorough inspection, so there’s that. It is a manufactured house, but someone at some time has built an addition on to it so it’s kinda both…

If only it were so easy!

If only it were so easy!

Then there’s another that we saw yesterday. We’re calling it the Green House because it’s been painted a bright, mint green. It’s way smaller than the 412 house, but it has a beautiful manicured yard all the way around. I mean beautifully manicured… And it has fully fenced back yard (the 412 house doesn’t have a fenced yard) with a nice water feature. Gorgeous. The owners of the Green house have renovated to sell, so they have all new floors (laminated, like cheap laminate, but you can cover that with rugs I guess), fresh paint, new doors, new windows, new furnace, relatively new roof, etc… These owners have been in the house forever and just did what me and the hubs did to our house in Albuquerque — made all the necessary repairs before selling. But it’s way smaller than the 412 house, and it’s on a quarter acre of land vs 2.5 acres (then again, easier maintenance). I can see neighbors on all sides — which makes me twitch, but it is fenced in the back, so there’s that. Now, it costs $50K more than the 412 house. It’s also on the floodplain but the very edge of the floodplain. We’d still need insurance but our realtor told us that that area has never flooded, that the dams would have to break before it floods (then we’d all be in trouble).

I could just flip a coin I suppose.

I could just flip a coin I suppose.

There is always a third option, which is to keep on looking. We do have until the end of July, which is when our lease is up. Part of me wants to do that, but part of me doesn’t. I don’t think the 412 house will sell out from under us (knock wood). But hey, if it does, then it wasn’t meant to be, was it?  I know the Green House won’t sell out from under us for a minute or two because it hasn’t been listed quite yet. We were given a sneak peek.

I think my decision is made.  Logic is telling me it’s the “wrong” one… but when have I ever been a logical person?  But me and the hubs are a team. He likes the Green house because it’s turn key. Nothing needs to be done to it. Plus, gas oven, gas fireplace, beautiful water feature in the back, nice neighborhood, new everything, etc… etc… etc… and I know that the Green House would be the best practical decision because it’s a stick house versus a manufactured house, and everything is newer.  However, I like 412 on an emotional level. Yeah, it’s a manufactured house and we’d have to replace some of the appliances sooner rather than later.  And yeah, we’d have to do some landscaping (put up fences so we can let the dogs run free) relatively quickly.  But… but… *sigh* I just like it. Don’t ask me why.  Then again, I kinda like the Green House too, just not as much.

Maybe we should keep on looking.


Edited to add…

So, talked to the hubs after he got home. After much discussion, we’ve decided that the Green House just isn’t “us”, but we’re gonna keep looking.  We have time. We don’t need to make a decision right now. We don’t want to end up in a house that we’ll be unhappy with five years down the road. With the Green House we were already thinking about how we’d have to extend it to fit our needs. And what’s the good in that? So yeah, we’ll see what else is out there. Thanks for putting up with my house hunting ramblings!


7 thoughts on “I really hate decisions

  1. It depends on what you want. Do you really want a great big house that need updating — and has a lot of land. Are you ready to take care of it? I have 2.5 acres and a not so big house that always needs work … and I wish I had a smaller house in better condition with less maintenance.

    In any case — GET A PROFESSIONAL INSPECTION. You WILL regret it if you don’t. You will. I guarantee it. Do NOT rely on any inspection you did not do independently … especially for a house on a flood plain.

    Good luck.

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    • Oh yeah, no matter what, we’re getting an inspection. And if I’m not satisfied with the first inspection, I’ll get another. No way am I moving into a house that’s not gone over with a fine toothed comb.


          • That’s exactly (almost word for word) what we said when we bought this place. We figured, no problem. A bit of a commute, but hey, worth it. And we’ll flip it when we are ready. But the market wasn’t amenable to that when the time came and we didn’t have money to bring the place to the pristine condition a highly competitive market demanded … and eventually, we were under water and stayed there. We’re lucky we didn’t wind up homeless. We might yet. When we bought, we were both working. Then Garry was laid off, I got sick, the economy collapsed. Voila.

            Stuff gets old. Our new roof is 15 years old as is the siding. We’re on our third well pump, third water heater. The driveway is in shambles. What was a newish heating system is 27 years old. We don’t need so much room and the stairs are vicious.

            We were in a different place, physically and financially when we bought, so look down the road at where you will be in a dozen years. Life doesn’t always go the way you want.


            • We’re totally planning both ways with the houses. We know that we may not be able to unload a manufactured house if we decide we don’t really like it. But we plan on living here for as long as we can if possible. Since the husband’s field is in high demand here, we’re not too worried about his losing work. We know it can happen, anything can happen. But why borrow trouble?


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