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What size are you? Who cares?

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How to Consign

The numbers don't matter when you shop consignment or resale, says HowToConsign.org Each of these women weigh 154 pounds. Yet the size that fits them best is anywhere from a 10 to an 18.

What size are you? Who cares?

It’s just a number.

And an arbitrary one, as well. A size 10 from one manufacturer is a size 8 in another, and what was a few years ago a size 8, is now called a 4 to flatter those fashionistas who are fixated on the smallest possible number.

That’s why you’ll have better luck shopping for something that looks great on you if you shop in a consignment, resale or thrift shop, which will have a wider range of designers/ manufacturers than any new-merchandise store could afford to offer the public.

And that’s also why the most common advice, shopkeeper to shopper, is “Now be sure to check the sizes on either side so you don’t miss anything!”

If it looks…

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8 thoughts on “What size are you? Who cares?

  1. I will never understand women’s clothing sizes. I wrote a post about the nonsensical nature of women’s clothing sizes last summer that you might find interesting. Of course, it’s written from a male’s perspective, so there’s that….


    • Women’s clothing sizing is ridiculous. They always have been in my humble opinion. Why not just small, medium, large, etc…? It’s just frustrating. I used to sew my own clothes but it’s now MORE expensive to do so than to buy off the rack. >_<

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