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Weird thing that happened today

So I summoned up enough energy to wander over to the grocery store across the street because I needed stuff and it wasn’t gonna buy itself. Stuff doesn’t care if you’re sick, it still disappears when you use it. The trip itself was uneventful until the walk home…

Why do all of the weird things happen on my way home??? It’s strange!

I love this picture

I love this picture

Anyway, I’m waiting for the light and I see this man running down the middle of the street. And I think to myself, “Okay, that’s weird.” Because he’s running between the cars down the middle of the street. Like across the street in the traffic facing me. So, he was coming toward me. Then he hops onto the sidewalk in front of my apartment building, still running and stops on the corner opposite me, waiting for the light. Now, the light rail train was also coming and he really wanted to catch that train. But that wasn’t the strange part.

What was weird was that he was carrying a big satchel in one hand, and it was slowing him down. Now, halfway across the the street he dropped something while juggling this satchel. And even though he was in a huge hurry to catch the train, he stopped on his wild run to go back and get it. Not very strange, right? Until he ran past me and I noticed that what he dropped was a knife. A knife! It looked like a butterfly knife to me, all shiney and unsheathed.  I’m surprised he didn’t cut himself running all crazy like that. I mean, he really wanted to catch that train. I was like, “Wow, how is nobody else noticing this guy frantically run down the street with a knife in his hand?”

He made the train. I don’t know what happened after that. But man, weird shit like that happens all the time around here.


5 thoughts on “Weird thing that happened today

  1. Turns out, I know where you live (which sounds creepy, but honestly, it’s not meant to be!), even if I don’t know exactly where you live. I’ve seen that kind of thing myself. Some things are universal. My favorite in-the-middle-of-the-road siting was during a flood. 4-lane boulevard. Cars jammed both directions, trying to get by without hitting each other, but also trying to skirt the deeper water on the sides of the road, and there in the middle of all of it was a lady casually walking down the middle of the road. She was on her cell phone, talking in the loudest voice ever, and swirling a plastic grocery back over her head.


    • It’s one of the many reasons why I’m moving out of the big city and into a kinder, gentler town (I hope it’s a kinder, gentler town)… I mean, I hope that if someone runs down the street with a knife there someone other than me will notice…

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