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So… pi day huh?

A bit of an explaination

A bit of an explanation

From what I understand, today is the Super Pi Day.  We have “pi day” every year on 3/14, but this year is special… because it’s Super Pi Day! So, I kinda know that at 9:26:53 this morning that was the exact second I should have celebrated the super pi moment of super pi day as several of my geeky friends did (one by having coffee, another by eating — what else? — pie, and others by just geeking out in super geek mode).  I have a lot of engineer-type friends who have “Doctor” by their names, and a lot of run-of-the-mill geeky friends who really like this kind of stuff. Me? I think it’s kinda interesting, and I’m aware of it, just as I’m aware of the solstices and equinoxes, I just don’t lay in wait for the exact moment of the solstice/equinox so I can say, “Ah, this is the moment when the sun it at its peak in the sky. I should celebrate.” I guess I’m just not as into these things as other people are. But I do find them interesting, and so I note them and celebrate the idea of them just the same.

Potato chips

Potato chips

In addition to being an uber special pi day, today (according to facebook posts) is also National Potato Chip day here in the United States.  I have no idea how potato chips got their own day, or why they need their own day, but what the hell? They have it.  I really don’t know understand why we need “days” for everything under the sun, I mean seriously? That’s just stupid. It’s National Potato Chip day! Go out and eat potato chips (or crisps as they’re called elsewhere), Because no one knows about these things, so we need to have a day for them and raise awareness for them… or sumthin’… I dunno. I honestly don’t know why we have a National Potato Chip day, and I don’t care enough to look it up, though I’m sure the story behind it is fascinating. Not.

Today is White Day

Today is White Day

In addition to being Pi Day and National Potato Chip Day, I’m also given to understand from my vast reading of manga, that it’s a holiday of sorts in Japan (and, according to Wikipedia, China, South Korea and Taiwan). Kind of a reverse Valentine’s Day. From what I understand — and remember this is from reading comic books and watching anime and dramas — that  in these countries, girls and women give boys and men chocolates or gifts (but mostly chocolates) on Valentine’s Day to show their affection. Many times they make the chocolates. That’s pretty intense. Now, today, March 14th, a month later, would be White Day, and this is the day that the men and boys would reciprocate with gifts which are expected to be more extravagant than the home-made chocolates he received if he’s interested. Again, this mostly from my readings of dramatic romances so take it with a grain of salt. Still, I kind of like the idea of two separate holidays for romantic gift giving. And I kinda don’t, I mean the idea of giving a gift with the intention of reciprocity makes me twitch. But whatever works for them.

I'll have a slice of cake for you.

I’ll have a slice of cake for you.

And, on top of all that, it’s my middle daughter person’s birthday. She’ll be *sob* 27 today. I cry because she has two older siblings, one of which turned *sigh* 30 this year. You know, the older they get, the older I get. Ha!

So anyway, I want to reach out over the miles and give the daughter person a hug and a kiss. We haven’t seen each other in a while because life just works out that way.  But I want her to know that I love her and think about her.

Love you, dude.  Happy you made it through another year on this little blue ball of ours. Keep on keeping on.

That’s a lot of stuff to happen in one day. I know there’s more going on since I’m fairly sure that the United States doesn’t have the monopoly on silly holidays (Potato Chip day… come on…) and I’m sure I missed some.  A quick look at my calendar shows that it’s also National Learn About Butterflies Day. Who thinks of these things???  Ugh.  That’s enough for me.

Happy Birthday, daughter mine. Have a piece of pie and some chips. Go chase butterflies if the weather permits and remember that I love you.

And would it hurt to email your mom once in a while? A message on Facebook? A text or sumthin’?




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