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Hope for the best

This too. :)

This too. 🙂

Prepare for the worst… That’s one of those sayings I live my life by. I have no idea where I picked it up, but yeah, I heard it and said, “Yep, that’s the way to go.”  Why? Because no matter how well I plan, no matter if me and mine do everything we’re supposed to do… do everything right, life has a way of saying, “Nope, this isn’t the way you’re supposed to go right now.”  The reason I have this motto Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. is so when life wrecks my plans (as it is wont to do), I don’t stand there devastated wondering, “What do I do now?” I turn around and go with plan B, or C or whatever.  As I mentioned before, I don’t really make plans in the traditional sense, just vague “This is what I’m gonna do if this happens…” kinda things. I learned a long time ago that planning my life was just an exercise in frustration.

Srsly... wtf?

Srsly… wtf?

I mentioned before that the hubs and I are supposed to be close to closing on a house… I spoke too soon. Even though we were approved (contingently), and did everything the underwriter asked of us, in the end, we didn’t get a final approval for… reasons. Mostly because we’re way new to Seattle & the hubs just changed jobs a week ago.  Which means we won’t be closing on the house I was talking about earlier, and my dreams of having a mini-farm are going on the back burner. Bummer.  Our new plan is to look for a bigger apartment in one of the suburbs of Seattle where we won’t be blasted with all of this freaking noise 24 hours a day. >_< Also, I want to settle down in the area where we eventually want to buy our house. We probably won’t be looking to actually buy a house for a year or two now… We want to get all of our ducks in a row next time and because moving with all of this stuff is just too much for me. It was way easier when all my junk could fit into the back seat of my car.

True enough

True enough

So anyway, we’re on to plan… C I guess it is. Ha! I’m nothing if not flexible!  Did I ever mention that when I moved to New Mexico, I had a plan, and it had nothing to do with getting married and settling down with someone? If things had gone according to my original “plan”, I’d be teaching in a university in New Mexico by now. Also, when I moved to New Mexico, I’d planned on retiring there. I’d thought to entrench myself in academia and just… stay there. Seriously, plans change. That’s the way life is. I’ve always known and accepted this. Back to now, I think if the hubs and I rent a big enough place we can be cool with renting a townhouse or something for a few years while I focus on getting the store set up. I mean I’ve gotta start focusing on something yanno? Because if I don’t, it’s gonna drive me nuts! Anyway, just thought I’d share for y’all who are interested in what goes on in my life.


4 thoughts on “Hope for the best

  1. Sorry that your house purchase fell through, but renting a townhouse for a few years sounds like a reasonable option at this point. No doubt, given time and determination, things will work out eventually.


    • We will work it out. For now, I’m gonna focus on opening my store. We can rent a three bedroom townhouse in the suburbs for about what we’re renting this one bedroom in the city. And, with more room, I can breath a little easier since I won’t be sitting on top of the pets all day.

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  2. The right place will show up. It will. It always does and often when you least expect it. Yeah, a week at a new job makes mortgage companies twitch. Even working for yourself and not for a salary makes them very nervous. In fact these days, EVERYTHING makes them nervous.


    • They need to catch up with the times… nearly everyone in his area does contract work and hardly anyone stays with a company for more than two years. That’s the way it goes in his field. This isn’t the 50’s where people worked for a company for 20 – 30 years anymore. He’s worked in the same field for 20 years, but hardly the same company. If his first contract job had lasted just a few more weeks, we’da been in the clear. Oh well, that’s how the cookie crumbles.


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