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B&W photo challenge, day 2

So, here’s the second day of the photo challenge that Marilyn Armstrong over at Serendipity tagged me in.  Since I’m not really a photographer, I’m kinda winging it here. I flipped through my old snapshots until I found one that I thought would look good in Black and White and played with the filters a bit until I figured it looked okay. So here ya go:



Now this is a black butterfly on an orange flower, and the original picture has a riot of color going on. But I figured the contrast was enough to pull off putting it in black and white.  I also cropped it a bit so the butterfly would be the focus of the picture instead of lost in the leaves. If I were going to post it in color, I’da cropped it the same way I think.

Anyway, I took this particular picture when my knitting club in New Mexico went to the Botanic Gardens in Albuquerque where they have a butterfly pavilion. It was way peaceful, and there were butterflies everywhere! I nearly filled my memory card with pictures there were so many of them. This one, I thought, this one would look great in black and white. And I think I was right.  Hope you agree.

Here’s the original:

Original picture

Original picture


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