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The “Food Babe” Blogger Is Full of Shit

People like this “Food Babe” are why I need to take meds to stay sane. >_<  This article completely debunks her and people like her.  Seriously it makes me wanna spit nails.

The "Food Babe" Blogger Is Full of Shit

Vani Hari, a.k.a. the Food Babe, has amassed a loyal following in her Food Babe Army. The recent subject of profiles and interviews in the New York Times, the New York Post and New York Magazine, Hari implores her soldiers to petition food companies to change their formulas. She’s also written a bestselling book telling you that you can change your life in 21 days by “breaking free of the hidden toxins in your life.” She and her army are out to change the world.

She’s also utterly full of shit.

I am an analytical chemist with a background in forensics and toxicology. Before working full-time as a science writer and public speaker, I worked as a chemistry professor, a toxicology chemist, and in research analyzing pesticides for safety. I now run my own blog, Science Babe, dedicated to debunking pseudoscience that tends to proliferate in the blogosphere. Reading Hari’s site, it’s rare to come across a single scientific fact. Between her egregious abuse of the word “toxin” anytime there’s a chemical she can’t pronounce and asserting that everyone who disagrees with her is a paid shill, it’s hard to pinpoint her biggest sin…

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8 thoughts on “The “Food Babe” Blogger Is Full of Shit

  1. It’s the same with everything these days: parenting, ‘healthy’ eating, dress sense, etc etc. No matter what it is, there is always someone out there willing to exploit your ignorance/fears to make a few bucks >.< I can't stand fear mongering, whatever form it may choose to take


    • I hate fearmongering too, especially when it’s done in the pursuit of money. There are actually those who believe what they spout, but those who do it for money? They deserve a special place in Hell.


      • After a lot of deep thought, I have concluded that 90% of the evil done is done in the name of greed. The other 10% is done to gain power (and money, usually). People are really simple. We want to be rich and powerful. We — on the whole — don’t care who we screw to get what we want.

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  2. I never read these people. I know how bad the “tech reviewers” are. They will promote anything they are paid to promote and bash any product that doesn’t pay them to shill. I don’t trust any of these people. They’re just in it for the money.


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