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Checking in

Me when I'm buggy.

Me when I’m buggy.

Hey y’all. This is just a quick check in. I’m dog-assed tired today (and yesterday) and my shoulder isn’t feeling much better than it was a week ago. Plus there’s the added stress of not knowing what’s going on with the stupid house. I think I mentioned before that our mortgage broker said she might could “make it work” and we’re all, “Okay, let’s see how this goes.” So we filed an extension and we’ll either close tomorrow… or not.  But not knowing if that’s happening is making me buggy. The underwriters keep asking inane questions and honestly if they ask us to jump through one more hoop, I’m ready to wash my hands of the whole thing.  I like the house, but my life will go on if we don’t get it.

Seriously. ^_^

Seriously. ^_^

And if we do close on the house tomorrow, that means we’ll be moving soon. Yay? Hopefully for the last time. We’re totally gonna let the movers do everything this time instead of busting our butts to get everything packed. Nearly everything is already packed and in storage, so it shouldn’t take them long to pack what little we’ve unpacked to live in this tiny apartment for these last eight months. Hopefully having the movers take care of packing and moving will make it easier.  We’ll still be moving even if we don’t get the house (as I wrote about earlier when I thought that was a done deal). I’m totally not staying here for another year. No way.

So, I’m still here! I read y’all every day, but using the mouse and keyboard really does hurt a lot which is why you don’t see me commenting as much as I usually do and why you’re seeing so many reblogs here. So what have I been doing rather than surf the net? I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading — I’ve got plans just in case we do get the house, so I’m totally taking advantage of Amazon’s book borrowing program. Saves me a lot of time and effort.  I’ve also been doing a lot of cleaning because, you know, we’re gonna be moving and all that. I’m totally proud of myself because I unclogged our tub the other day (it was pretty nasty) and now it drains like a dream. And I’ve started a different physical therapy for my shoulder; this time I’ve looked up exercises offline and I’m doing them cautiously.

Something that finally works!

Something that finally works!

By the way, we found a strain of cannabis (It’s legal here) that really helps with my pain. It doesn’t get me high at all, which is okay because I don’t need all that buzz… but it takes the pain away, which is great. The thing is, the the hubs bought it as an oil for a vapor pen because… I forget the reason. Either way, that’s what I have, and it works. Problem is, I’ve never smoked anything in my life, so it’s uncomfortable to me to use. I know that vaping is better than smoking, but it burns my throat and makes me cough like crazy.  But wow! I had a pain free couple of hours the other day and it was nice. I’d totally forgotten what it feels like to move without pain. That’s when I went to town on the bathtub to unclog it (it really was a mess). ^_^ Too bad the effects only last a couple of hours… if it lasted longer than that, I’d be invincible! Bwhahahaha!


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