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four years ago today

I posted this on my facebook… the pictures were posted by others the day after. :


That’s one impressive storm cloud

So, I was upstairs in the Union, minding my own business and pretending to study like a good student the last week of class when this person came up to me (and everyone else there and explained that we were “about to have a tornado warning (watch? warning? I can never figure out the worst one… it’s the worst one)” and we all needed to go down to the Dawg House or leave the building… This was about 4 pm (it’s nearly 6 now).

So I went down to the Dawg House and set up in a nice, comfy spot and got ready to wait things out when, about fifteen minutes later, some other persons came up to me (and  everyone else in there) and told us that they were having a press conference for Ron Paul and we all needed to leave.  But, the tornado watch? says I… false alarm they say.  Whatever.  So, I pack up my stuff (again) and move it next door to Starbucks and again settle down to do some studying (for real this time).  About five minutes later, the ladies in Starbucks announce that we are now under a tornado watch and everyone needs to leave and move over to the Dawg House.



stormy weather

So, I pack everything up again, but by the time I get to the Dawg House, it is crowded with people and there is nowhere to sit.  I commandeered a corner of a footstool and sat there.  One of the reporters who was there for Ron Paul started to interview students and I was interviewed.  I highly doubt much will come off it. In the midst of this chaos, they proceed to have the press conference for Ron Paul. After the interview they ushered Ron Paul off, but I’m not sure where they put him since we were still under a Tornado watch… The rest of us were stuck there.



Once they issued the all clear, I could hear two of the supervisors on their phone arguing whether it *was* all clear or not –  understandable since our county is still under a tornado watch… So I hoofed it over to the library and I am now in the basement of the library because if they issue another stupid watch (it’s still up in the air) I’m right where I want to be and no one can tell me I need to leave.

Wow, four years ago today I was totally hiding from tornadoes all over the school (and finding out why I will never vote for Ron Paul… like, ever).  BTW, it was a tornado warning, not a tornado watch — there were tornadoes on the ground and sirens going off all over the place — I still get them mixed up today.  But I don’t need to worry about tornadoes anymore because I no longer live in Mississippi.  Because today I live in Washington and there are rarely tornadoes here. I’m also married two years to a great guy and we’re all ready to buy our second house. Mississippi seems like a long ago dream.

I told y’all I live an interesting life. It may not be an adventurous life but it’s interesting. 🙂


4 thoughts on “four years ago today

    • Tornado warnings were par for the course in Mississippi. One New Year’s Eve I had just moved into the last place I lived in MSU and my roommate was from Germany where they do not have tornadoes. As the sirens were going off, she was standing out on the porch trying to see what was going on while I stood in the hallway (the only place without windows… we didn’t have a basement) pleading for her to come inside and that she really didn’t want to see what was going on.


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