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This year hasn’t been very nice to my family. First my daughter totalled her car, now my niece has found herself in a pickle. If you can find it in your heart to help, she’s set up a “fund me” account here. Actually, my daughter set it up for her since she knows how it works.

I’m ambivalent about these online accounts, but you know what? I think if they’d had these in my time, I probably would have used them too. I mean I ran into difficult times as a young, single mom too, and I did everything I could, sometimes on the shady side of legal to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads.  I never quite crossed the line into illegal… but I’ve had to swallow my pride once or twice when there’s food to put on the table.  So, when I think about these online accounts, while my mind squicks at asking strangers for money, I think back to when I looked at the negative balance in my bank account (too many times to count, but I blame the Dyscalculia) and how I was going to rob Peter to pay Paul and ask myself, “Would I have used this back then?”  The answer is, “Probably… Yeah.”

And that's the truth

And that’s the truth

Life isn’t easy by a long shot, and sometimes we have to remember that pride is not our friend. We all don’t have $2000 sitting in our back pocket or a savings account when we’re living hand to mouth.  When we’re a part of the working poor, (and I worked up to 60 hours week and was still considered “poor”) most of our friends and family are also members of the working poor class. We can’t rely on them to be able to spare even $10 because that’s $10 of food, gas, or other goods that they’re taking from their own family’s coffers. And not everyone has a rich Uncle stashed away to help us out of a bind.

So yeah, I probably would have used this when my car broke down beyond repair and I had four kids to cart around, or when I lost my job and I had to move (again) because they upped my rent to a point I couldn’t afford it, which meant I needed to come up with first, last, and deposit (again) on my first paycheck… not to mention moving costs.  It’s not fun being the working poor, and there’s no room for pride. So I’m gonna throw this out there and hope that it gets a couple of nibbles. It can’t hurt, right?



2 thoughts on “sharing

  1. No, it sucks being poor and particularly because people judge you for it. We have been saved by the generosity of people we haven’t seen in years, people we’ve never met. We’re still poor. But we have a roof over our head and water. If not for the help of others, we would not have these things.


    • Ain’t that the truth? I, fortunately, have had a few people in my life who were better off than me from time to time and who were willing to help out when they could, but I had to be seriously hard hit to ask them for their help. Pride goeth before the fall they say.


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