So this is day two of 5 photos in five days challenge (or whatever it’s called). Basically post a picture a day for five days and tell a story about this picture.



Now the first picture that I’m sharing isn’t mine, it’s from this site and it’s not credited, but I’m sharing it for a reason.  In case you don’t recognize the little lights in that picture, those are fireflies, otherwise known as lightening bugs (or is that lightning bugs?) depending on where you’re from. I grew up calling them fireflies. And even though I really love the Pacific Northwest and Washington in general, I honestly miss seeing fireflies. Yep, we had them in California where I grew up, but they were not nearly as plentiful as they are in the South. I absolutely loved watching the fireflies in the summer in the South. There is nothing more magical to me than watching a field full of fireflies, or seeing  them blink on and off in the distance under the bushes. It makes on think of fairies and stuff. And it’s something I looked forward to, but haven’t seen in a while. It’s way too dry in New Mexico for fireflies (not to mention not enough green). But you know what? No matter where I live, there’s gonna be something I’ll miss from wherever I left.

not a lot of green in Albuquerque

not a lot of green in Albuquerque

When I lived in New Mexico, I missed seeing green. I mean I really and truly loved living in New Mexico and that the desert is beautiful in its own right. But I missed the green. I’d moved to NM from the South (where I’d lived for awhile) and if you can say anything about the Southern United States, you can say that it’s green.  Whenever anything grew in our yard in Albuquerque, NM I just let it grow — weed or not — because I was desperate for greenery. Of course I had a plan to create a drought-friendly green oasis in my back yard (via Gia’s Garden), but that would have been years away and that was before I learned I was allergic to New Mexico. The plan was to retire and live out my days there.  Oh well. Plans change.

East coast mountains just don't compare

East coast mountains just don’t compare

As mentioned, I lived in the South before living in New Mexico, and I spent quite a bit of my adult life down there in the South. What did I miss while living all over the Southern United States? Two things, mountains. Ah man, I totally missed having mountains on the horizon. It just felt weird to look at the horizon and see it go on and on with nothing to break it up. Just… weird… And I really missed seeing the sun set over the water.  I could obviously watch the sun rise over the ocean when I lived on or near the beach, but it’s seriously not the same. It might seem like a strange thing to miss, but it was something I missed a lot. I loved living in the South for many reasons, I mean I did live there for a long time… but the lack of tall mountains and the fact I couldn’t watch the sun set over the water really made me homesick more than once. Those aren’t the reasons  why I moved away, but…

So now I’m back “home” so to speak. This is the territory of my mom’s family and it’s where I’ve felt most at home. And I love it here. It has mountains, green everywhere, sunsets over the water, and the people I’ve met have been more than nice. But it doesn’t have fireflies. I really miss the fireflies. But that’s okay. I can’t have everything. ^_^


2 thoughts on “Tradeoffs

  1. When I was in Israel, I missed New York. Now I dream of Israel … and sometimes, I miss New York. I also miss living in the city … but I wouldn’t move back. I think, over all, I’d rather be here than anywhere else I can think of.

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