Okay, so this is the third day of my five pictures five stories challenge. Basically post a picture every day and tell a story about it.

It's a bench... with rocks

It’s a bench… with rocks

So, I’m always surprised at what people leave lying about. Usually it’s shoes… no matter where I go I see shoes just sitting out on the street or on the sidewalk and I always wonder about the story behind them. I mean what reason could someone possibly have to leave shoes behind?  Little kids’ shoes, yeah, they pull their shoes off all of the time. So I can see that. Especially if it’s one shoe.  Now this bench in the picture, it’s had shoes left on and under it a couple of times. I keep meaning to take pictures of them but I hardly ever take my camera with me when I go out for a walk so whenever I get around to remembering it, the shoes are usually gone, so I can’t show you those.

What I can show you is the bag of rocks someone left behind yesterday. Which I thought was just as weird. Yep. those are rocks. The kind you find at the dollar store. I honestly cannot think of a scenario where they got left on the bench but there they are. And they stayed there all day too. I worried they might be gone before I remembered to bring my phone with me while walking the dogs, but nope, there they were.  They were gone this morning though, so someone must have either remembered that they left them there, or decided they wanted some rocks.

I know, not horribly exciting… but I’m in a lot of pain today and it’s the best I can do. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


6 thoughts on “oddments

  1. Maybe the owner of the rocks was a talented dancer cursed by a jealous aunt and the only way to escape the curse was to trap it in a pile of rocks and than leave the rocks somewhere hoping that some unlucky passerby would pick them up and unwittingly release the curse onto themselves and thereby free the original owner of the rocks?

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  2. I wonder if the people who lost the rocks wonder what in the world happened to them? I find all kinds of things lying around. Shoes, sweaters, coats, mittens, gloves, bags of groceries. Keys. Cell phones. I’m sure someone is looking for them. Trying to figure out if they were stolen.

    Feel better soon. You’ve got a move ahead of you and it would be easier if you don’t hurt.


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