Walking leads to wonderin’

This is day number 4 in my five pictures in five days challenge.  I took these pictures this morning while out walking the mutts.  I meant to take them yesterday, but yesterday was a bad pain day and I wasn’t up for much of anything, even picture taking.



So anyway… what we have here are little circles in the grass where nothing is growing inside. Not very exciting I know, but think about this. The grass around the deadness is lush and green — much greener than the grass around it — but inside the circle is dead as dead can be. And this is the only place in the park where these circles exist, which is why they caught my attention.

Now, if we still lived in a world where the supernatural existed in every aspect of our lives, what conclusion could be drawn here?  First thought? Maybe it’s a fairy circle.  I’ve taken pictures of fairy circles before, and these could be fairy circles. Why not? I mean that’s as plausible an explanation as any if we lived in a world where the supernatural exists. And it would explain them nicely.  But they’re awful small to be fairy circles. The biggest one isn’t much bigger than the palm of my hand. Those would be some tiny fairies.

four circles

four circles

So if they weren’t fairy circles, what else could they be? Well, if I take a step back, I can see that there are four of these dark green circles with deadness inside. And if I look at the placement of them, I can totally imagine that it looks like they could have been left by either two bipedal beings standing together, maybe deciding the fate of the denizens of the neighborhood as they conversed under the streetlamp late at night.  Or the circles could have been left by one four-legged animal — maybe a nightmare — who landed there and stood for a moment burning her hoofprints into the grass. Maybe the nightmare was bringing bad dreams to someone napping on the bench just to the side (same bench from yesterday’s post).

Of course there’s probably a more mundane explanation for these little circles in the grass. But what’s the fun in that? I think it’s way better to imagine supernatural causes, because I like to think that there is magic in the world. And when I come across fairy rings (from the previous post linked above) and nightmare hoofprints, it helps me keep my sense of wonder about the world around me. And that, dear readers, is what makes the world a better place.

Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Also on my walk, we ran into this guy. I think he’s a crow because he’s not as big as a raven and bigger than a blackbird. All I know, is he (I’m assuming it’s a he) goes out of his way to tease and torment my dog, Brandy. Normally, she ignores birds altogether, but this bird just pesters her. I don’t know why. And I’m just assuming it’s the same bird because I don’t have an innate talent to tell monochromatic birds apart, but it appears to be the same bird by his mannerisms.

Anyway, whenever the dogs and I take our walks, this bird flies down to us and starts out a distance away. You can tell he’s watching the dogs. He’ll wait until he has Brandy’s attention then he’ll hop closer and closer to us until she just can’t take it anymore and rushes him barking furiously. Once she’s locked on to him, it’s very difficult to get her attention away, and the stupid bird won’t be scared off. Now that he knows she’s on a lead, he does it nearly every time we’re outside. Maybe he thinks it’s funny.Then again, crows are messengers from the other world, maybe this one is trying to tell me something and the dog is interfering. Who knows? I dunno. I don’t talk bird.

It's a nice day when the mountain is out.

It’s a nice day when the mountain is out.

On a completely different note, the mountain was out again today, so I thought I’d take a picture from the park. It looks better when the picture isn’t taken from behind glass. 🙂  This was taken from that same bench I took a picture of yesterday. Today’s a bad air day, so I figured I may as well do stuff while catching my breath. Ha! Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Walking leads to wonderin’

  1. Around here, those dead circles mean either grubs in the ground, the antidote for which are robins who come and eat the grubs. I love robins. Alternatively, it’s an underground anthill. At least in this neck of the woods.


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