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I love my animals

My Mister

My Mister

So today’s daily prompt coincides with what I wanted to talk about on my last day of five pictures/ five stories. I took this picture of My Mister a few days back. Could have been a couple of weeks ago, I don’t remember… and I never could figure out what it was that caught his attention, but he sat like that at the window for a good half an hour. See, we currently live on the seventh floor, and there are no power lines or trees outside of our window, so there’s nothing directly there for him to stare so fascinatingly at, but stare he did, so enraptured that he didn’t even notice me taking pictures of him. To me, it looks like he’s communing with angels or something. Maybe he’s having an epiphany. Do cats have epiphanies?  He wasn’t making the chittering noises that cats make when they see birds they can’t have, so I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a bird that had captured his attention. Whatever it was, it remains a mystery. But it made a cool picture.

This is a normal sized chair.

This is a normal sized chair.

My Mister (AKA Mr. Mister) is the pet I’ve had longest. My daughter gave him to me when I set out on my RV adventures in 2010. So we’ve been together  for a little over five years. Longer than me and the hubs.  He’s moved around with me all this time without complaining. He’s a chill cat. He’s also a fat cat. When I got him, he weighed close to 24 pounds.  I got him down to about 19 pounds, but living in this little tiny apartment has made him gain weight again, and he’s back up to 22 pounds.  I know that it’s not great for him to be overweight, and we limit the amount of food that he eats, but he’s not interested in playing with anything. Seriously, we’ve tried everything. He ignores the red dot, string, and any other cat toys we’ve tried. We have a feeding ball for him but he figured out how to use that without trying too hard. Oh well, at least it slowed him down. He’ll tear apart crumpled paper though, but that doesn’t take long and he’ll get bored with it after a while. He also doesn’t like tuna or seafood. He’s a weird cat. But he’s my weird cat and I love him.

She doesn't like the camera

She doesn’t like the camera

After the hubs and I got together, we didn’t plan on getting any more pets, but one day we were shopping and the Humane Society of Albuquerque was having a mobile adoption in the parking lot of where we were. We decided to look around, just to look… you understand. 🙂  Anyway, there she was, poor thing, sitting in a bottom cage and trembling in fear. I asked if we could look at her and they obliged by bringing her outside for us. She knew how to sit and she seemed to be a bright dog. She was just terrified of her surroundings. I knew I couldn’t let them put her back in the cage because she obviously didn’t like being there.  Plus, I needed a reason to get out of the house and walk every day and there she was.

I just can't

She always looks nervous

Now I can’t say whether she was mistreated before or if she was just a nervous dog to begin with. We were told that we’re her third owners and that she was surrendered by the previous owners because they were moving and couldn’t take her. We deduced that she was a back yard dog, that her previous owners just left her in the back yard and she never learned to socialize with either humans or dogs. However, the longer we’ve had her the more confident she’s gotten. But it’s a long road, and we’ve got a ways to go. See, she has a fear of young children, the younger they are, the more she avoids them, and that’s not easy to overcome. She doesn’t attack them or bark at them, she just tries to get away from them. She also doesn’t like new things, so all of this moving we’ve been doing is very stressful for her. She’s learned a lot of commands and proved my first assumption that she’s a smart dog. I’ve never had such a smart dog before. Once she gets over her nervousness of being asked to do something new, she learns very quickly. I think that once we settle down in our new place, she’ll thrive and gain all of the confidence she needs. Which leads me to Cocoa.

Pet pictures... lots of pet pictures.

This is how he often sleeps

We bought Cocoa as a companion to Brandy.  We wanted to get a smaller dog because we thought a larger dog would make her even more nervous. We picked the perfect companion for her too. Cocoa is a pretty chill dog. He’s very relaxed next to her nervous disposition. The only time he stresses out is if he has to go outside or if he hasn’t gotten his daily dose of attention from us. See, he’s a lap dog and I’ve been told that smaller dogs need their snuggle time or they become anxious. I’ve been known to lose myself in whatever I’m doing and after a few hours of not paying attention to him, he’ll let me know. Between him and the cat, it’s surprising I get anything done. But he has been good for Brandy. Even though she was gaining confidence before we got him, I think it really helped to have another dog about. They are pack animals after all, and even having one other animal about helps them.

look at that face

look at that face

We’ve had Cocoa for about two three years now, just about six month less than we’ve had Brandy. They’re both about the same age… four five years old at this point. I think. They were about two years old when we got them. Now, we don’t know Cocoa’s history because the Humane Society says that he was a stray. But he didn’t know even “sit” before we taught it to him. To be fair, it takes some time for Cocoa to learn things. He’s not the brightest bulb in the box. But we didn’t adopt him for his smarts, we adopted him for his personality, and he’s got plenty of that. He’s adorable. He’d make a great therapy dog because he snuggles like nobody’s business. When I had my crochet group for people with invisible illnesses, he would often insert himself onto someone’s lap and make them feel better.

two pets... one lap

two pets… one lap

All three of them are jealous little somebodies. If I pay attention to one, the others will come up and try to insist that I pay attention them as well. Even if what I’m doing is brushing out Brandy. She hates to be brushed. Hates it with a passion. She’s usually trembling and upset whenever I brush her, and you’d think they wouldn’t want a piece of that action. But no, that doesn’t phase the other two, they want attention too, and they’re right there with their noses and eyes just looking at me like, “Whatcha doing?” Just look at this picture. I can’t even watch television without an animal or two wandering on to my lap. Little so-and so’s. But they’re my so-and-so’s and I love them.


9 thoughts on “I love my animals

      • My old cat, Vincent, long gone now, but that little booger would bite your when he wanted to be petted. Just a real gentle nip. Anyway, when I was dating my husband, Vincent bit him for a pet and the poor guy about hit the roof. He just wasn’t expecting to be bitten. Not that he bit hard, just very surprising for the first time.


  1. I see that you too have accumulated pets. We have two rescues. Purebred rescues because being purebred doesn’t guarantee that you have love and care. Bishop has become nearly normal, even though he has been, for all practical purposes, abandoned again, this time by my son, DIL, and granddaughter. Ditto their other dog, Amber. And then there’s Nan, who had nowhere to go when her breeder/owner moved into senior housing. So Bonnie is the dog we got on purpose. The other three are dogs we have because no one else wants them. We can’t abandon them too. We are their only home. They are good dogs. A bit emotionally scarred from being passed around, but good girls and boys. We will do the best we can for them as long as we are able. And they will do the best they can for us because they are dogs and they don’t know how to do anything else.

    I think dogs who have been rescued somehow know it and are grateful.


    • Mister was a rescue too. If I remember correctly, my daughter got him as a stray. I’m pretty sure that’s why he’s been so chill about all the moving that would rattle most cats.

      I think you’re right about rescues. They know they’ve been rescued and they’re grateful. I don’t go out to adopt mutts, but it just seems to work out that way… I think we might get more now that we have more room (don’t tell the hubs). 😉


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