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Not a long post today

I know, right?

I know, right?

Today I’m recovering from the weekend… We did a lot these past few days. Both the hubs and I are a bit grumpy right now because we’re both sore from all the stuff we did over the weekend.  Saturday we went over to our old apartment and cleaned it up.  We didn’t make it spotless or anything because they’re gonna charge us to clean it no matter what we do to the place. But we went in and cleared out all of the bits and pieces that were left after the movers were done, vacuumed, and wiped everything down.  We also did a few loads of laundry because our new washer and dryer won’t be delivered until Wednesday, and hey, we’re still paying for electricity over there, so why not? It didn’t take us long, about four hours give or take to do the whole apartment, and that’s with waiting for our little stick vacuum to recharge between rooms. It’ll only vacuum one room at a time before it needs recharged.  We’re thinking of getting a Roomba because we hear they’re pretty good for pet hair.

closet system

closet system (in the old house)

Sunday, we had a few people come over and help us organize our new house some.  We got a lot done, and I’m very grateful to them for coming out and lugging heavy boxes around with us. And now our house doesn’t seem so much like a storage unit. The only thing that didn’t happen was we couldn’t hang the closet system up.  See, in my old house I took one of the spare rooms and made it a walk in closet (see picture). And I totally want to do that in this house too because it’s kinda awesome to have that. But it seems that somewhere along the way, we lost a key component of my closet system. and now I have a bunch of shelves and drawers that I can’t put on the walls because there’s nothing to hold them there. Bummer. I called the company this morning, and I can order the parts, so that’s good news. I just have to wait a few days and I’ll be back in business. Yay!  We also somehow misplaced the pins for the adjustable shelves in all of the bookcases, so we have to go out and find those before we can start putting books away.  But other than those two setbacks, I think the house is really taking shape. I’m so glad for the friends and family that came out to help. It’s nice to have people. ^_^

It's retro, man!

Swag lamps are retro, man!

One thing I noticed over the past few days that I did not notice on our walk throughs of the house… there is a distinct lack of overhead lights in this place. Bummer. It seems that more lamps are in order, methinks. Ha!  And, instead of floor lamps or table lamps (because we lack table space, and I’m not overly fond of floor lamps) I’m thinking of getting the kind that hang from the hooks in the ceilings… I think they’re called swag lamps or something like that?  There’s all kinds of hooks around the house for just such purposes (I’m sure). I kinda like swag lamps, though they are so “dated” as designers would say. But who cares? I like what I like. It’s not like I’m trying to impress anyone or anything. I want to be comfortable in my own house. That’s the important thing. Right?

I'll probably just wear it as a nightshirt, but I still like it.

I’ll probably just wear it as a nightshirt.

Just for fun, I ordered and got this T-shirt online. I got one for me and one for the hubster. I don’t know if I’m brave enough to wear it out in public, but I might. You never know. I’m getting both braver and more timid in my old age, depends on what act we’re talking about. Ha! But it will probably be a new nightshirt. ^_^ Like I said, I got one for the hubs too. I know he won’t wear his out in public, but I’m sure he’ll appreciate the shirt itself. I know he gets annoyed with me because I interrupt his reading all of the time. But in my defense, he’s always freaking reading during our “together” time and he should expect to be interrupted because that’s the only time we really have to talk about things. He’s got his alone time after I go to bed. He should save his reading until then. So there. 😛

Just so’s y’all know, he reads this blog so I’m not talking about him behind his back. ^_^


12 thoughts on “Not a long post today

    • I’m so glad we can get the parts too! We ordered this system online, so it wasn’t that expensive at all — about $1,200 for the whole room if I remember correctly… which is way cheaper than having someone come out and put one in. But that was a few years ago. But we had to install it ourselves. Luckily, it’s not that difficult.

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  1. I need to order this T shirt. where did you find that. Yoda language, just love it. Me biggest Yoda fan there is. Glad your move is over. Love the idea with the swag lamps. We had a bedroom with high ceilings once, we bought cheap Ikea swag lamps, the round, white ones. Bought 8 of them and hang them in different heights from the ceiling. We loved it so much…it was a great idea.

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    • The t-shirt was a limited edition from a Facebook group I follow called for reading addicts. It’s no longer available, though they might bring it back if the demand is high enough. ^_^

      I like swag lamps because they’re so easy to put up and you don’t have to hire an electrician to install them. And they are way cheaper and harder to break that some table lamps. And they cast better light.


  2. Men do not like being interrupted and since they are always reading, watching television, doing email, or in the bathroom (or asleep) … it’s kind of hard NOT to interrupt.

    Read the user reviews on Roomba before you spend the money. Maybe they’ve improved it a lot since we had one, but it was a total waste of money when we bought one,10 years ago.

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    • It’s because of the reviews that we’re thinking of getting a Roomba. ^_^ But more research is needed before we lay down the money.
      We were suckered into buying a Kirby last year (which we just paid off) and we hated it. It was so heavy! We sold it at our yard sale before we moved to Seattle. But to tell you the truth, we’re really tired of buying a new vacuum every two years. We need one that works well with pet hair and doesn’t weigh a ton. This house has room to room carpeting and we can’t afford to replace that right away.

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