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Let the madness begin!

 Like this

Going to the store = dealing with people

So today I finished putting up the chicken wire on the back yard fence (go me!). It took me about two hours, but I did it. I didn’t get a hat or a tool belt as I mentioned in my previous post because that would require me going out in the really real world and I’m just not up to people today. Today is a hermit day. It was hot, sweaty, slow work, but now the dogs can go out and roll in the dirt to their little heart’s desires, and I can focus on other projects without worrying about them running off or having accidents in the house. Normally, they’re completely house-broken, but this is their third move in as many years… they’re a little stressed. The chicken wire is a temporary (so temporary, some of those fence posts are about to fall over…) but it’ll do for now. The dogs only need a visual reminder of where they need to stay when they’re outside. It’s not like I leave them out there all day… I don’t trust them to behave *that* much. Ha! So anyway, that’s one project down.  It’s not pretty, but it’ll do.  For now.

At the moment, I’m resting my back and shoulder. Tomorrow, the hubs and I have to go back to our old place and pay off our lease because we kinda broke it to move out here. We also have to go to the store and get some things so I can start working on the rest of the yard. I need some empty spools and some yard tools (we have pretty much nothing in the way of yard tools). Sunday, someone’s coming out to take the posts from the front yard off of our hands. We’re keeping the wire — it’s an electric fence, hence the need for spools — but we don’t need the posts. Then, instead of that ugly fence we’ll have this big, open field in our front yard, which, in my mind, will be way easier to tackle. One, because there’s no easy way to get into the existing fence. Once we have some extra fundage, we plan on putting a chain link fence all around the perimeter of our property.  But no matter what, we’ve really got to start focusing on the yard. Yeah, we’ve been sort of ignoring the yard all of this time. Ha!

Something like this

Something like this

So why does my title have the word madness in it? Because, I’m going to ignore suggestions and recommendations to get a riding mower and all kinds of power tools to tackle the yard. Why? Well, there’s a method to my madness. See, I don’t have a lot to do during the day, and my plans to open a store are on the back burner for a while since we no longer have the seed money for that.  It’ll be a year or so before I can bring that to the front again, so I’m basically left sitting on my hands for a year or so. And what better way to fill my time than to get the yard in some kind of shape? And while I’m at it, it can help me get into better shape. Slowly but surely. I mean it’s not like I have anything but time, right? I don’t have an HOA to answer to, so it doesn’t matter if it take three hours or three days to mow my grass. Hell, I can leave the grass tall if I want to.  Right now, I’m looking out of my window at a sea of grass, and this is the kind of view they make commercials out of. ^_^ It’s not “proper” for suburban lawns, but it’s kinda pretty. I have exactly two neighbors, and one doesn’t give a rat’s ass what I do with my yard, and the others haven’t done anything but wave at me from their porch, so I don’t know their opinion. They have a well-kept yard, so I could guess. ^_^

powered by me

powered by me

But eventually all of that grass will be gone, well most of it. I do have plans for this property, which I’ve mentioned before… There will be bushes and trees and flowers out in the front instead of all of this grass. Sure, I’ll keep a little grass here and there to walk on, but not the expanse I see before me now. But I digress. See, getting a riding mower, as many people have suggested, would be an expense that will soon become obsolete for me, and it will defeat the purpose I had in buying this land. So I’m going to get a push mower, and not a gas mower or an electric mower, but a reel mower, the old fashioned kind I had as a kid. I loved that thing. And no gas or electric weed trimmers either. Nope, a good ol’ fashioned grass whip and weed whacker. This yard and the succeeding garden will help me get into better shape. What about my shoulder and back you ask? Good question!  Like the fence I just amended, if I take it slow and work smarter, not harder, I should be okay. Contrary to popular opinion, I do know my limits, and I will hire out the things I can’t do. Like, I totally want to try and put up the chain link fence on my own. I know it will save us tons of money, but I know I can’t do it. Not on my own. And my hubby is not handy (but I didn’t marry him for his handiness). So, we’ll have to hire that out.

So the madness (and I know people think I’m crazy) is trying to tackle this yard as a hands on project. I’m not going as far back as a horse and plow, and I’ll totally use electric tools to make my life easier if I know I have other uses for them. Hell, I’ll probably break down and buy an electric weed whacker (but not a gas powered lawn mower, that ain’t happening). But there is a method to my madness, and that is to get into better shape through working with my body instead of against it.


8 thoughts on “Let the madness begin!

  1. I started gardening a few weeks ago and it just stunned me how much I was out of shape. Seems I get lazy every winter, hibernate and just use my treadmill (if even) then I get spring fever, want to play outside for hours and wonder why I am hurting.


    • I’ll try and get pictures, but I’m really bad about that. 🙂 Y’all may get a before shot… if I remember. Of course whenever I finish something I’ll probably take an after shot because I’m all like, “Look what I did!”. 🙂 Maybe if I mess up something really bad… ^_^

      But I’ll keep y’all posted, injuries and all.

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