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Snapshot! of the second part.

So, it appears I answered this prompt the first time it came around, but there have been other pictures taken of me since then, so I’ll go ahead and answer it again. Basically, the prompt asks us to find the first snapshot of us in a photo album (physical or virtual) and tell the story behind it. So I went to my facebook page and opened a random album and found this picture.

Google Maps picture

Google Maps picture

Basically, this is a picture that the Google Maps car took of our house in Albuquerque when we were having our garage sale just before we moved. See the woman in the pink shirt with the floppy hat sitting smack dab in the middle? That’s me. The man with his head cut off, hands on hips just to the left of me is the hubs. I noticed the Google Maps car just as it was passing by and told everyone to wave. I think I have a picture of us somewhere waving, but I’ll have to dig for it.

Now I want y’all to look at the table in front of the man with the red shirt. See those stacks of movies? Those are the movies that my husband agreed to sell. Those were about, maybe, less than half of the movies he owned… the ones he’d already bought on Blu-ray, or had duplicates of, or bought on a whim and didn’t like. Now, dear reader, look at the piles of movies on that table, and let me tell you, we’d already sold a good half of the movies we had for sale that day.  We started selling at 9am, we were selling movies for $5 a movie, if I remember correctly, and they sold fast. Word got out. People came to buy movies.

Just a reminder of what those bookcases looked like when full

Just a reminder of what those bookcases looked like when full (there are books in the boxes too).

Now, I know they’re bright and hard to see, but there are eight bins of books on the coffee tables in the front. We were practically giving those away (because books are heavy and expensive to move) and do you know how many we sold? Not a one. Okay, maybe three. Not enough to take note of, that’s for sure. So let that be a lesson to y’all if you’re ever thinking of moving and trying to sell your stuff… People will buy your movies, but you can’t even give your books away. Ha!

Speaking of which, I can tell this is earlish in the day because the bookcases are still there, and we sold those in the early afternoon. We didn’t sell the chair I was sitting in until after four; but we sold the table behind me after the bookcases and before the chair.  Though, judging by the shadows, it looks to be about one o’clock (could be noon, daylight savings… whatever). Hmmmm. Oh well, in the end, we sold all of the heavy furniture, all of the movies, none of the books, and some of the miscellaneous stuff we had out. It cost us about $8K to move our stuff from Albuquerque to Seattle even after we pared everything down to the bare minimum and did most of the packing ourselves. AND (I’m still ticked about this) it took the packers like, seven hours to pack everything up, even after we did most of the packing. AND they left our place a holy mess too — broken lightbulbs, all kinds of stuff all over the place. I had to hire someone to come in and clean it because I was done and done with it. I thank goodness for my real estate agent every day. I sent her a nice card and a gift for everything she did. She was wonderful.

But, back to the picture. I think it’s pretty neat that the Google Maps caught us at that moment in time. Just out of curiosity, I went back to Google Maps to see if it was still up but nah, they’ve gone through there again since we moved. Our old place looks all spruced up now. Nice and neat. What’s funny is, if you scroll a little ways down the street and turn the camera backwards, you’ll still see our cars on the street. Ha!  I guess they didn’t want our yard sale cluttering up their street view, so they sent their car through there again to get it off. ^_^  Still, this is a true snapshot. I didn’t know it was going to be taken, it was a complete surprise, and definitely a moment of our lives captured forever in time if not forever on Google Maps. ^_^


2 thoughts on “Snapshot! of the second part.

  1. We keep getting rid of stuff. We got rid of hundreds of VCR tapes and I don’t know how many books. Crates and crates and crates … and yet … there are more. And more. They breed while we sleep. Cool that Google maps showed up. They did an aerial shot of our place, but all you see are trees and a car in the driveway, but I don’t know whose. Doesn’t look like one of ours.


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