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I look in the future and what I see…



…is not much really. A bunch of guesses (same as anyone else I suppose). When I answered this prompt the last time, I spelled out why I thought it was impossible to see the future with any real clarity.  I just don’t think that even if someone were given the power to see into the future they can’t possibly predict an absolute future because there are too many variables and the future is subject to change. It’s not written in stone. It can’t be. That’s my take on it anyway. Then again, as I’ve mentioned many times before. I live in the Now. It’s way easier for me to not worry about the future and not stress over the past. What was passed is past and what will come will come. I mean, it’s not like I can change the past, right? and worrying about the future won’t make it get here any faster nor will it change it much either.  Sure, I can plan ahead and make it a little easier (maybe) but things change, don’t they?

Perfect for goats...

Perfect for goats… not so great for a store

When the hubs and I first moved to Seattle, we had plans to buy a storefront with a store on the bottom and an apartment up top — maybe two or three apartments so we could rent them out. I was going to open a thrift-type store and we’d be in the thrift-y store business. I had a plan. We had a plan. We scoped out stores for months. Guess what? Stores in Seattle are painted in gold. They have to be, because they are expensive as shit. Way too much money for what they were offering. Falling apart 80 year old buildings for over $2M. I mean, seriously. Screw that noise. And it didn’t get much better in the surrounding areas either. We would have had to go across the water to buy a building in our price range. And that was way too far for the hubs to commute to work, though we did seriously consider it. We did, but we’re talking a two hour commute both ways for the hubs, and he’s no spring chicken ya know. He’s got 45 minute commute these days and it’s not great for him. But better than two hours.  So we rethought the storefront idea and bought our house. Now we have other plans. Different plans. Better plans (maybe). ^_^ Plans for a farm with goats, ducks, chickens and a great garden.

Plans change every day

Plans change every day

What about the store? you ask. Good question. I have a bunch of inventory in preparation for opening the store I had planned, and I still think there’s a market for what I want to sell. But we’re gonna have to put it on the back burner because we had to jump through some hoops to buy this house, and we’re kinda short on funds at the moment. I was thinking of maybe doing the craft show circuit or maybe consigning some of it at the local thrift store. Maybe open an eBay store. We’ll see. But I’ve also got more immediate concerns. Because, you know, every day is a new adventure… It seems that something as simple as putting up a fence is gonna cost us much more than we ever realized. And we kinda need a fence because we have and want animals, and we can’t have them roaming about the place willy-nilly. People get a little miffed when your goats wander into their yards and start eating their gardens… you know? So a fence is our first order of business. To get one all around the property is a huge chunk o’ change, so we’re figuring out which part of our property needs fenced first, and we’ll chunk it out as we get back on our feet. But first! We need to have the property surveyed ($3K!) because no fence company will touch the place until they know where the property lines are and there hasn’t been an official survey done on the place in years. So, yeah… For now, we’re playing it by ear. Because, after all, we can’t see what’s gonna happen down the road, can we? And even if we could, things change pretty quickly.


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