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Not a one

Yeah, not even for him

Yeah, not even for him

Seriously. None. The daily prompt asks us this question: Many countries celebrate Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. If you could dedicate a holiday to a more distant relative, who would it be — and why? And I say no one. Not my grandparents, not my uncles, nor my aunts, nor my third cousins (twice removed), not even my father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate… no one.  Hell, if I had my way, I’d do away with Father’s Day and Mother’s Day because I honestly see no reason to celebrate them. I never have and I never will. An excuse to sell cards and flowers. Yay! Every day should be a celebration for those who live you in your life, including those who nurtured you through your childhood (not necessarily those who brought you into the world).  As an example of why I wouldn’t create a holiday to celebrate any distant relative (sorry Gramma, you were great, but…), here’s the history of Mother’s Day and the woman who bred the monster that wouldn’t die. She hated what it became, just as I would hate what any day I started would become. Hate it. Because what started out (still talking about Mother’s Day) as an intimate day with the person you cherish the most became a writhing mass of consumerism and, more often than not, hurt feelings and guilt trips.  It’s just awful to watch. Awful. No, thank you very much. Not gonna happen.

And, here’s the thing. I don’t think there’s something inherently wrong with Mother’s Day (or Father’s Day, I’m not just picking on Moms). I just thinks it’s grown into an unstoppable juggernaut of consumerism. How many people out there buy a card and present, send them off to Mom and/or Dad to assuage their guilt of never speaking or thinking of their parent all year with that?  I mean, seriously. Or… Hey! It’s whatever parent’s day! I’ll call them and let them know I’m thinking about them on this one day so they know I really love them.  Whatever, dude. If that’s what helps you sleep at night.

And bikinis look way different then when they were invented.

And bikinis look way different than when they were invented. Another monster that wouldn’t die.

I know that there are some people out there who really like the idea of Mother’s/ Father’s day. But there are some people out there that like the fact that there’s a Bikini Day (tomorrow July 5th, is National Bikini Day in the United States). But you won’t see me going out and buying a bikini. I don’t like bikinis. I think they’re like wearing socially acceptable underwear. That doesn’t mean you, dear reader, can’t wear bikinis. Be my guest. I won’t be wearing them, and I also won’t be celebrating National Bikini Day. And, just to keep the comparison. Just because there is a National Bikini Day, does that mean that people only wear Bikinis on that day? No. People who love bikinis wear them whenever they possibly can. Just as people who love their parents should call them and celebrate them whenever they possibly can, and shouldn’t need the reminder of Mother’s / Father’s Day to celebrate the person who nurtured them through childhood.  So, sorry, Grandpa Billy, you were great and all, but we won’t be having a holiday just for you. Besides, there’s already a Grandparent’s Day, which most people ignore anyway. So there’s that.

On a completely different note… I switched the time i take my thyroid meds from nighttime to morning time as per my doctor’s recommendation (even though I know they make me tired a zombie). She said, “just try it.” So I’m trying it. Today’s the first day. I am, indeed, a zombie. So please ignore any grammar, spelling errors, or flat out WTF? sentences. My proofreading skills are gonna suck worse than usual until I either get used to the meds at this time of the day or switch back.

Seriously... what was I thinking?



13 thoughts on “Not a one

  1. I hate these “Hallmark Days” and never understood why they are necessary. My parents were useless drunks, so no reason to celebrate them. My Grandmother, who took me in and raised me is still celebrated by me on an almost daily base. So no need for a special day either. I guess that’s why I asked for “The day of the Forgotten” yesterday, because I could have been one of them.


    • Yeah, I hear ya. I had an absent dad and a neglectful mom who reminded us nearly every day of everything she sacrificed just for us kids. She then went on to marry and abusive husband. But that’s not why I dislike Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. I just don’t think that even in loving families there should be that one day.

      After all, if one loves their parents, why does someone need a special day to show them? The whole thing never made sense to me. (I don’t do anniversaries either. So there’s that.)

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