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I’m in my happy bubble today

Because I want to be. Life has been stressful lately (as I’ve posted about before) and my arm hurts. So today I went out into my back yard and took pictures of the flowers growing there. Remember a few months ago it was nothing but dirt? Well back then i was at the local hardware store and they had a sale on wildflower seed and pasture seed for this region and I said, “What the heck, can’t hurt.”  So a bought a few bags and tossed some seeds around the big patch of dirt. I didn’t rake, till, or water them. I figured if they were native to the area, they’d grow no matter what. After all, that’s what wildflowers and grass do, right?

So, here we are, two months later and we have flowers… and clover… and some other interesting things that I’m not sure what they are… but they sure are tall. See the picture? Now compare the growing greenery to the fence behind them. I’m sure they’re a flower or weed of some kind, but I don’t know nothing about no flowers, so… If they are flowers, they haven’t bloomed yet. They’re not a vine, and they don’t look bushy to me. But what do I know? Nuthin’! That what I know. All of these big, green plants are growing in one part of the yard, while the smaller, more colorful flowers are growing in another part of the yard. These, of course, had to start directly in front of the stairs on the porch and grow between it and the corral. *sigh*

These. These are tall.

These. These are tall.

So on to the flowers! We have all kinds of flowers out there. Of course, I don’t know what kind they are, but there’s a bunch of them. Here’s some long shots.

From the side porch.

From the side porch.

My little dog is kind of intimidated by all of this sudden growth. He looks so small! Before he didn’t like going out into the back yard because there was nothing to hide under. Now there’s too much stuff going on out there.


Pink flowers

These are over by the corner of the house.

big picture

Big picture

It doesn’t look like an explosion of color in the pictures, but it’s really a lot of flowers (and way better than dirt)

Okay, closeups!  If you know what kind of flowers these are, let me know. Not that I need to know to enjoy them, but why not? I know what clover is… And it’s everywhere! I like that. It attracts the bees. And they’re everywhere too. Lots of bees. All kinds of bees. And butterflies! All over the place. There’s a butterfly (moth? who knows?) that makes a clicking noise when it flies. It’s the weirdest thing. I thought I was losing my mind when I heard it the first time. It sounds like a dried up leaf being blown across the blacktop, but it’s a butterfly. Weird, but interesting!. I wish you could see the bees in the pictures (they’re there, they are the blurs) but they are all over the place back there. Probably another reason why the dogs aren’t fond of the back yard as much as they were before. Ha! onto the closeups.

clover and pink flowers

Clover and pink flowers

clover and purple flowers

Clover and purple (blue?) Purple! flowers

clover and yellow flowers

Clover and yellow flowers

bright orange

Bright orange flower

light purple flowers

Light purple flowers

mixture of flowers

Mixture of flowers

mixture of yellow

Mixture of yellow

purple flowers

Purple flowers

red and yellow

Red and yellow flower

single orange flower

Single orange flower (and clover, of course)

And that, dear reader, is the extent of my “gardening” this year. I have a tiny patch of garden in the front yard that the previous owners left behind. I’ve made attempts to keep the weeds out of it… but honestly, I’ve always been of the mind that plants have got to want to grow in order to survive my garden. if they give in to the weeds, then the weeds deserve to win. I mean, who am I to say what should live and thrive in a patch of dirt? Unless, of course it’s toxic and will kill my kids or animals, then it’s got to go. But if the plants cannot successfully combat the dandelions, well then let the dandelions take over the garden. I guess I’m not a fan of delicate flowers.

I do have flowers...

These are from the front yard…


8 thoughts on “I’m in my happy bubble today

  1. The bright orange flower is Calendula (marigold), the purple flowers look like candytuft, the orange and red are Tagetes (African marigold) and the blue/purple are cornflowers I think. You also have some poppies – red and yellow. Your last picture is a Clematis. All lovely!

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