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My style is mine

Plus, I have a dragon in my kitchen

Plus, I have a dragon in my kitchen

The daily prompt asks us to describe our “style” whatever that may be.  I often have difficulties with these questions because my style, as with everything in my life, changes. Often. There’s no way to classify it into a tidy category.  If one walks into my house they couldn’t say that it’s “contemporary” or “country” or “traditional”.  Mostly they’d say it’s “comfortable” and probably cluttered or messy — can messy be a style? ^_^  I like to watch those home make-over show (Kitchen Crashers, House Crashers, etc…) and they always ask the people, “what’s your style?”, “what do you like?” and I’ve often thought, “whatever’s not popular right now.” I hate stainless steel appliances, and granite counter tops. Hate them. Okay, granite isn’t awful, but it’s not the be all and end all of counter tops. I like butcher block myself. Or the stuff they make from broken glass. That’s pretty cool. But stainless steel appliances make me twitch. I’ll take my black appliances, thank you very much. Right now, we have what came with the house. And they’re a mix-mash. But who cares? They work. Mostly. ^_^

The desk dragon doesn't know where he belongs.

The desk dragon doesn’t know where he belongs.

My house is often in a state of disarray, moreso now that I don’t move as well as I used to. If I could afford a maid to come in once a week and clean it, I so would. In a heartbeat. I don’t like it being this messy. Cluttered is fine. Messy isn’t. Messy drives me nuts. But I’m too tired and often in too much pain to do much about the mess other than keep it as contained as possible. But I digress. My desk right now is also in a state of disarray. I have papers that need to be filed. I just now put the coffee-stained calendar to August, and there’s all kinds of… stuff… on my desk and surrounding areas that really is just waiting to be put in its proper place.  I’ll get to it. Someday. I have an organizational tendency, which is why I have filing cabinets and places to put stuff. I just also have a tendency not to organize until the mess gets to me. Ha!

I was just telling a friend on his blog to this very same prompt that whenever I stayed at a job long enough to have a desk to call mine, my co-workers would get used to me saying every other week or so, “There’s too much stuff on my desk!”  and there would follow a flurry of organization and cleaning. I never had an assignment where that didn’t amuse the hell out of my co-workers, who often called my style “organized chaos“. A term I completely agree with. It may look chaotic, but I know exactly where everything is, unless someone moves it. Which they often did. >_<

clothing for all the world to see.

clothing for all the world to see.

Clothing-wise, my style is similar to everywhere else in my life. Whatever fits my mood and is comfortable. I love long skirts, and they fall in and out of fashion on a regular basis. I don’t care if they are in fashion or not. I like them and I’ll wear them. I think they look good on me and I don’t like short skirts. I don’t care what they say on What Not to Wear, I don’t like my legs and I like the way long skirts look and feel on me. So bite me. I’ll wear what I want. Of course, I hardly wear my skirts anymore. Not because I don’t want to, but because (as I mentioned in a previous post) after years of debating, I took them all in and promptly gained 50 pounds because of my hypothyroidism. Now they all fit… but they’re super tight around the waist. I mean, it wasn’t just a matter of restringing the elastic in the waistbands.  I sewed all new waistbands on these bad boys to fit my (then) smaller waist. I’d have to go back and sew all new — bigger — waistbands on them again to fit my expanded waistline (thanks, thyroid…) and then restring the elastic through them. It’s a pain in the ass.  I’m debating on whether to go through the trouble of readjusting the waistlines again, or just give them away and start fresh.

I love this clock

I love this clock

But really, as you might be able to tell from reading this blog. I’m a go with the flow type of person — mostly. There is a place for certain things, obviously. Clothes go on a hanger or in a drawer because they look better not wrinkled. Dishes go in the cupboards because they’re easier to find that way. Bills and other important papers should be filed for the same purpose. Everything else can just fall where it pleases until I get around to it. But because of that attitude and because for the longest time, I was a very poor person, I didn’t have the time, space, nor the money for things that were decorative. That means that I usually had a tendency to buy stuff that was both decorative and functional. So like this clock, which I love a lot, it could look great, but needed to do something else (like tell time). But the cork holder that looks like a barrel next to it? WTF, dude? Why even have that? Well, now that I’m not living hand to mouth, I can put interesting stuff in my space, and I think it looks interesting. Ha!

Thing is, I never developed a “style” other than, I like that, I’m gonna buy it and put it in my space. It’s not contemporary, it’s not modern, nor is it shabby chic. It’s just my style. Mine and mine alone. I like it, my husband likes it… Or so he says… I’m not sure if he cares one way or another. ^_^  Of course, I’ve only lived in this space for four months. I haven’t even had the time nor the money to make it mine yet. Give me a year or two, then you’ll see some changes. Then my style — such as it is — will surely shine through.


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