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It always interests me

When I get new likes on an old posting.  That usually means that the daily prompt has recycled one of their prompts again and one of my older posts is still on the grid. I can do one of many things if this happens. Ignore the prompt and just let the old posting stand for the answer. Revisit the old posting and edit it to fit the prompt for today, or write a new answer for the prompt.

Since the old answer was very date specific — talking about getting my gallbladder removed — I don’t think any amount of editing will make it relevant for this past week. So I’ll go with option number three.

I’ve gotten out of the habit of making plans for the week because life has a habit of saying, “You made plans? When will you ever learn? I laugh at your plan making ways and now you must undo them and go with what I say will happen.” Ha! I usually have a vague idea of what I want to accomplish, but very few concrete plans.

Tansy flower (from the wiki)

Tansy flower (from the wiki)

Monday I wanted to get some yard work done. I totally did yard work. Yay!  I was taking out field of overgrown tansy plants that we’d let just get way out of hand. Tansy, you’ve got to understand, is poisonous to most livestock. And we had almost a whole field of the stuff. It’s also a really tough plant. Our little cordless weed eater wasn’t gonna cut through it, so I went at it with a hedge clipper. Which meant I had to bend down and get them off as close to the ground as I could.  I know that’s not to kill them for good, but it’s the best I can do with what I have. And it will keep them from spreading their seed this year at least. Anyway, I used the hedge clipper and cut them off close to the ground, by bending at the knees and crouching, but even with trying to be careful of my back, I could feel my back protesting about twenty minutes in. But dammit! I really wanted to clear that field out! And by then I was more than halfway done – past the point of no return. About thirty minutes in, I had trouble straightening up completely (my back was totally twinging), but I’m headstrong if nothing else, and I only had a few more of those suckers to do. Just a few more. Right?

It’s like being full but there’s only a bite or two left on the plate. You don’t want to leave just a bite or two… another bit won’t hurt. Right? Ha! I totally leave that bite or two now, I’ve learned that lesson at least…

(Warning not for the faint of stomach)

Too bad I haven’t quite learned the limitations of this stupid body quite yet.  I’m usually good at working around my back, but… I got the tansy cut down at least. Yay!  I had to go inside and recouperate from that for a few hours and I needed my walking stick for the rest of Monday and most of Tuesday to walk around. Now, for those who don’t know, Tansy is like a dandelion in that once it dies, it forms a puff very much like a dandelion to spread its seed, so I couldn’t just leave the dead plants on the ground. Nope, I had to go out and pick those stupid things up. I had the hubs help me with that part. These plants are a good four feet tall and they’re way tough. Being dead didn’t soften them up either. It took a while for us to gather them all up and put them in bags so they couldn’t cast their seed all over the place. But we got it done. Yay us!

housekeeping struggleSo Wednesday I had to recover from that. So I stuck around the house and did mostly household stuff — laundry, vacuuming, all that jazz.  Thursday I didn’t do anything. Like, nothing. I took a shower and felt accomplished. Or was that Friday? Those two days I was pooped out. I mean, done. Nothing ventured and nothing gained.  And I’m not even sorry for that. I’m sure that I posted a blog post (maybe two) in there somewhere. But there wasn’t much energy to do anything else. Oh, I walked the dogs and did the necessary house stuff, but anything other than what was necessary? Not happening.  I was just too tired.

The hubs and I went shopping yesterday for a motorized lawn mower. I finally broke down and admitted that I can’t do the push mower thing. We considered getting a riding lawn mower, but we really cannot afford one at this time and with the plans we do have (we are making plans of a sort. Of course, we’re not gonna be able to do anything until we know what’s what with the flood control issue, but there are plans… of a sort. ^_^) a riding lawn mower will really be obsolete for us in a few years. Plus, we have nowhere to store a riding mower. We don’t have a garage and I don’t think it would fit in the shed. But we considered it. Who knows what will happen in the future? Not me.

That’s why I generally don’t make concrete plans. And that’s why I don’t really have to worry about overcoming obstacles to reach my goal. My goal can change at any moment. ^_^


2 thoughts on “It always interests me

  1. I’m with you! If only I had understood earlier in life the importance of hanging loose, I could have saved myself so much misery and disappointment. Now, if only airlines and hotels could get with the program … sigh.


    • I know, right? But what’s the old saying? Youth is wasted on the young. because when we’re young we’re too busy running around trying to figure it all out and when we’ve finally got it figured out, we’re in these bodies! >_<


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