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Look, look, look, looking out my back… window

Since today’s daily prompt is a dud and a repeat, which I’ve already answered anyway, I figured I’d go back a few days and answer the prompt from last Friday, which I meant to answer but couldn’t because I was exhausted. So I’ll do that one today.

Of course, my answer is kind of repeat, but I think y’all might like it. I hope. The prompt asks us to go to the nearest window and look out for a full minute then write about what we see.

They're doing well so far.

They’re doing well so far.

The nearest window to my computer is just to the right of me. I don’t really have to “go” there. I simply have to turn my head and look out of the window. Mostly my view is blocked by gauzy curtains and the eucalyptus tree saplings I have growing here. Don’t ask me why I bought them, I just wanted them. And now they’re here and I have them. What I’ll do with them now remains to be seen. But if I move the curtains out of the way and look beyond the saplings, what I see is my front yard and my neighbor’s yard, with the truck that never moves. I don’t know what the purpose of the truck is, but it’s parked in the trees and it’s been there since we moved here in May. Our neighbor is an older man with an unusual name, everyone in this town knows him. Well, everyone I’ve met knows him. Let’s call him Chuck. Whenever I say I’ve just moved here, they’ll ask where and I’ll say, “Over behind the Safeway.  Our neighbor’s name is Chuck.”  Everyone I’ve met nods and says, “Oh yeah, I know Chuck.”

I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. He seems alright so far, and it is a small town. Anyway, he has this huge garage type thing that sits to the to the northwest of our driveway. I see him out there now and again chopping wood and such, but other than that, I don’t see much of him. Occasionally I’ll catch sight of him carrying something across the road and tossing it into the county’s property. Mostly yard debris, so I don’t pay much attention to it other than to see what the dog is barking at.

The latest offenders. Yesterday, let their dog out in the neighbor's yard.

The latest offenders. Taken from my window.  Also, note the truck that never moves.

Speaking of dogs and barking. Moving in here has brought a unique (to me) problem. maybe it’s because I’m home all day and can see it. Maybe it’s because my computer overlooks the front yard and I have a view of all of the comings and goings of our little cul-de-sac, but I never knew that this actually happened. It seems that people think it’s okay to drive up to other people’s houses, park in front of their yards and let their dogs out of the car to go and relieve themselves on other people’s yards. It seems that it’s also okay to sit in front of other people’s yards for hours on end for no particular reason. Or toss trash into the county property adjacent to our yard, or worst yet, our yard. Because, you know, I have to look at that. Or change clothing in the cul-de-sac in the middle of the day. But nearly every day, someone comes down that road and something like this happens. Sometimes up to three people in one day will drive down this road, and do some strange thing in our little cul-de-sac. It’s just too weird. I’ve taken to standing prominently in my window and taking pictures (like the one above) because seriously, who lets their pooches out to do their business in other people’s yards?  It’s not like my house is hidden from the road. Anyone can see the whole of my house from cul-de-sac.  You can see me at my computer if you look hard enough. My phone is bright pink, it shows from the window. I know because I can see the white striped magazine holder on my desk from the cul-de-sac. Bright pink would definitely show.

Anyway, poopers aside, another thing I see from my window is that the trees we had cut down are growing from their stumps again. Everything I’ve read says that we shouldn’t let this happen because… I’m not really sure why. We cut them down because the trees were distressed and diseased (according to the arborists we had come out, and we had more than one) but if they want to live that much, who am I do deny them life? I’ll see what happens in the coming years. Right now though, there’s little bushy shoots where the three trees were, and that makes me smile.

I wish I had a better camera

I wish I had a better camera

Another thing that makes me smile is the view from another window. Every morning while I wait for my coffee to brew, I look out my back window and I’m blown away by how well the flowers in my back yard are doing.  I posted pictures of them a couple of times before, but every time I look out of my window there seems to be more of them. I mean, it’s really amazing how well they just took off. The funny thing is that they didn’t grow for so long that I thought I’d wasted the $12 I spent on seed and I was all, “Oh well, at least I didn’t put too much effort into it.” You know? Then one day I saw green sprouts then the next day it was color all over the place. The bees are loving it! And there are so many butterflies too! I want to go out there with my phone every day and take pictures! So this is a picture taken from my kitchen window while waiting for my coffee to brew. It doesn’t even capture really how much color and fragrance there is out in my back yard, or how alive it is with the bees, birds, and butterflies, but I’m so glad I gave in to my impulse to buy a few bags of seed and just toss them about and see what happens. I mean if I hadn’t, I’d still be staring at dirt. And who wants that? Not me, that’s fersure. And I didn’t even do anything to make them grow. My kind of gardening! ^_^

Next spring, I’m tossing wildflower seeds in the front yards too. Who knows? They might like it there too. Then I’ll have really nice view from the front window. I might not even mind the poop ‘n run idiots.

Just for fun. CCR


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