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The short answer is, “No.”



Today’s daily prompt asks us if we would take a daily pill as an alternative to preparing, cooking, or eating food. And my short answer is, “No.” No I wouldn’t take a daily pill as an alternative to supplement the food in my life.  Although I hardly prepare most of my meals anymore (we eat out a lot nowadays), I’d still prefer to eat my food than to swallow a pill. Now, some might think that it’s a small step from having someone else prepare my meals to just taking a pill to fulfill all of my nutritional needs, but it’s not the same. That would be akin to saying that having a book uploaded into my brain is the same as sitting down and reading a book. I mean, all of the information is there, right? What’s the difference?  Well, the pleasure in reading a book is the sitting down and relaxing. Taking time away from the really real world to lose myself in another world and letting my imagination go free in that world for a while. If the information of that book were uploaded into my brain, I would lose all of that leisure time. The brain is a very complex biological computer that we really don’t understand, but I’m sure that once a book has been uploaded into it, it would be very difficult to erase. Ever try forgetting something you don’t want to remember? At least with a physical book, I could set it aside and not read the rest of it if I find I don’t like it.

Same with a little pill. Once it has been swallowed, that’s it. Nutritional intake done for the day. Where’s the pleasure? Where’s the socialization that comes with sharing a meal? Where’s the taste? Even if I don’t prepare my meals nowadays, there’s still the fact that I enjoy sharing them with my husband. I still enjoy the taste of food and the pleasantness of a well cooked meal. There’s no way a pill can accomplish that, no matter what Willy Wonka thinks:

Okay, that’s gum, but same diff.

How I feel.

How I feel.

Anyway, speaking of the husband. He might be surprised at my answer. You see, the hubs and I have way different attitudes when it comes to food. He is a complete and total foodie. Whenever he talks about places he’s been or countries he’s traveled to, he talks about restaurants he’s eaten at or the food he had there.  Whenever he asks, “What do you want to eat?” He literally means, “What do you want to eat?” as in What, specifically, in the entire world, do you want to eat at this moment in time? Because he always has a dish, or at the very least, a type of food (Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Hamburgers… whatever!) that he is in the mood for that he wants to eat, and if he’s denied that certain type of food, or that particular dish, he will feel… disappointed with his meal. Sometimes he would rather not eat at all if that particular food is unavailable to him. That, dear readers, is incomprehensible to me. I hardly ever have a specific food or dish in mind when I’m thinking about food. I’m usually thinking, “Food would be nice to have right now because I’m hungry.”  I literally could care less what kind of food I eat so long as it fills my empty tummy. Now, I do have IBS, so there are restrictions one what kind of food I can eat without paying a terrible price later. But other than that, I’m not caring. Seriously, I don’t care. Just take me to a restaurant, any restaurant, and I will decide there. Or cook something, anything. Just give me food!


That about covers it.


I get grumpy when I’m hungry. ^_^  Ask anyone. I’m not the only person who gets like that either. Hence the slang word “hangry” which I never use, but I’ve seen it tossed about. It just doesn’t flow easily off my tongue, not that I have a problem with the term. It serves as well as any other. I don’t say “lol” either. But I digress. Anyway, that’s another reason why a pill just would not cut it. How would one feel full swallowing a pill? I don’t see it happening. Unless there were microbeads or something in that pill that would expand to give the sense of fullness upon entering the digestive tract. But even then, we’d still lose all of the aforementioned socialization and pleasure of eating a well-cooked meal. So, no, daily prompt. I’ll have to pass on the pill. But thanks for asking.


3 thoughts on “The short answer is, “No.”

  1. OH my Gosh, I must be related to your husband 🙂 I talk about food the same way he does. I too rather don’t eat than eating something that I don’t want. I don’t go for plan B. I can talk for days about dishes that I have tried in different countries. When I ask my husband “what do you want to eat”…he either says “I don’t know” or “it doesn’t matter”. How can it not matter? Haven’t I trained him right in all this years? 🙂 🙂


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