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Migrants? How About a Rethink?

The United States was founded on immigration. It truly saddens me when people in my country are so angry and hostile towards immigrants. It’s as though they’ve forgotten their roots entirely. And we’re really not that old of a country, relatively speaking. You’d think we’d remember that nearly everyone here came from somewhere else and that we wouldn’t be so hostile towards others coming to our shores. But so it is, and it truly saddens me. I vote with my conscience and treat everyone as an equal. However, I am but one person, a voice in the storm. Maybe it’s time that more people spoke up?

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To those who attack ‘migrants’ online. Please take a few moments out of your day to really look at this photograph. And rethink.

syrian family feeling the war

Here is a father fleeing the war in Syria, crying whilst cradling his children.

Should he stop searching for a place of safety for his young family and take the children back into the war-zone?

What do you think he should do? What would you do in his situation?


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5 thoughts on “Migrants? How About a Rethink?

  1. I attempted this post a couple times this week. It may yet come out of me. One major international news organization announced last week that it would no longer use the word “migrants.” “People” is what it is choosing to go with.

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