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If I’ve been quiet

One grumpy cat

One grumpy cat

…it’s because I’ve been wrestling with some minor difficulties at home. First was my cat, Mister.  He’s been a little clingy lately so I kinda figured something was up, but other than being clingy, he seemed okay. Until Friday morning when he didn’t demand his breakfast. First red flag.  Then, the hubs couldn’t find him as he was getting ready for work. Second red flag. So he woke me up and I went looking for him. He was hiding under the bed (the cat, not the hubs). Third red flag. Having played this game before, I looked in the litter box and it was unused. Red alert, red alert. See, for those who don’t have cats, if a cat is ill, they will hide themselves, hole up in a dark place and probably purr (some people think that if they’re purring, they’re okay, that’s so not true). If your cat is hiding from you, it’s a bad sign.  If they haven’t used the litter box in over twenty four hours, and they’re hiding… you need to get them to a vet, yesterday. Because they’re probably blocked, and that’s a bad thing. This is the second time that Mister has been completely blocked since I’ve owned him. We still haven’t figured out what’s causing it, but I know the signs.

The bra eater.

The bra eater.

So, we had a sick kitty in the hospital, and the dogs were wondering where he went. He made it through the surgery okay (thank goodness for pet insurance — yes, it’s a thing). He’s home and not happy about the whole mess. He’s eating, but so far hasn’t produced anything on the other end, so I’m keeping my eye on him. We have to keep him away from the dogs because he’s a little testy at the moment (not to mention they’ll try to lick his wounds). Now they’re all trying to figure out why the door to the other side of the house is closed. Don’t worry, he has three rooms to be agitated in. He’s fine.

In other news, The other day I found three of my bras with the straps chewed off. My fault for being lazy and tossing them on a chair instead of hanging them up. For some reason (I don’t know why) I assumed it might have been Mister who chewed them. No… after I got back from dropping Mister off at the vet’s, my dog Cocoa, started vomiting up all of the chewed bra straps. Yay! That’s both sarcasm and relief.  I mean, at least they’re out of his system now and I don’t have to rush another blocked pet to the vet… But I could have done without the vomit all over the carpet (I’m so getting rid of the carpet as soon as I can). I wish I knew why he was chewing them up in the first place. But now I need new bras, and they ain’t cheap.

Note the branches on the ground

Note the branches on the ground

And, because my day wasn’t complicated enough as it was, it started raining on Friday. Now, we like the rain. It’s one of the reasons why we moved to the Pacific Northwest. I dislike too many days with that big ball of fire in the sky. Too much sun gives me a headache and turns me into a hermit. So it wasn’t the rain that bothered me. Rain is my friend. Nooooo. It’s the winds that accompany the rains that caused the problem. Again, I like the wind, the sound of the wind, and hell, without the wind, there’d be so no such thing as “weather”. Everything would just sit and stew. So I’m not knocking the wind. But, you see, we have this huge cottonwood tree in our front yard, and it must be diseased or something because whenever the wind blows, it starts shedding branches.  See the picture? Notice that it’s a little lopsided? That’s because half of its branches were sitting in my driveway. My neighbor saw our dilemma and brought his chainsaw over to help us out and we managed to get most of them out of the driveway. Looks like we’re going to have to invest in a chainsaw ourselves.

I’m thinking of scrimping up the money to have it cut down. I mean, the house is far enough away that if the tree falls in this direction, it will miss the house. But if it does come down this way, it’ll take out all of the power lines and whatever else is strung from that pole, I see four different lines coming to the house. Another argument for underground power lines if every I saw one. Now, if it falls in the other direction, it will block the cul-de-sac and a good deal of the road, and it still might take out the power line and the pole that’s right there by the evergreen, if it the evergreen doesn’t stop it. If it falls in the direction my neighbor thinks it will, it’ll fall onto county property (a ditch with blackberry brambles) and become “their” problem according to him. However, if it falls in the direction I think it’ll fall, which is to the west, it’ll block the highway, and that’s not good for anyone.  So it really is kind of a dangerous tree right now.  Do we have the funds to have a tree cut down right now? Not really, especially since we just paid for our cat to become unblocked. But what choice do we have? Wait for it to wipe someone out and hope it doesn’t?

Geeky but perfect

Geeky but perfect

So anyway, I’ve been a little busy the last couple of days to say the least. ^_^ But things worked out okay. The cat’s home but grumpy. The dog got everything out of his system. And the branches are off of the driveway. I don’t know what I’m going to do with them sitting in my yard… But I’ll deal with that later. And! this morning, my hubs left this nice thing out for my birthday (we don’t make a big deal of our birthdays).  For those who don’t play Skyrim, this is the Amulet of Mara. It’s what people wear in the game when they want to get married. It’s a geeky present from one geeky person to another. And it’s perfect. Love you, sweetie!

And, because I like the song (and the movie) They Call The Wind Mariah from Paint Your Wagon


4 thoughts on “If I’ve been quiet

  1. I really hope Mister is okay. I forget the name of the condition that causes all those symptoms, but they are very dangerous and DON’T let anyone talk you into surgery because it doesn’t really work AND makes the cat completely miserable.

    We’ve been going through many similar things and it’s hard to get it together and write. I have idea, I just can’t get the energy going. Maybe we both need to stop pushing so hard and breathe.

    Liked by 1 person

    • He had “surgery” which was basically them flushing him out rather but he had to be anesthetized, so it cost a pretty penny. They didn’t open him up or anything, which makes me wonder why he’s so shaved all over. >_<


    • We had to take him back again today because he’s still blocked. Now he has a catheter sutured to him until tomorrow. Lovely. He’s really not happy now. They want us to take him to a specialist. I said we can’t afford a specialist for a cat. I’m dead tired and will update tomorrow after I get back from the vet… again.


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