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It is to laugh

The daily prompt that is. Ha! I say to the prompt writers, better yet… Double ha! They ask this question: A contagious disease requires you to be put into quarantine for a whole month (don’t worry, you get well by the time you’re free to go!). How would you spend your time in isolation? Why do I laugh at that question? Because the question assumes that everyone who reads it has some kind of life that takes them out of the home every day. *snicker* And that, even if we do have some kind of life outside the home, it’s some great exercise to come up with something to fill the time. Like we don’t know how to entertain ourselves, should we need to, for a month. We live in a connected world. It’s not like we’d be in solitary confinement, without access to the outside world. This is the 21st century! We have the Internet, Baby! Cell phones! Television! Video games! etc… Being quarantined doesn’t mean we’d be staring at the walls slowly going mad like the woman in The Yellow Wallpaper or the woman from the play Trifles (both written in the time when telephones were a new invention).

 Like this

I’ve been extremely introverted lately is what I’m sayin’.

Anyway, I’ve been flaring a lot lately, and I have this added pain from the gallbladder surgery I had over a year ago. All of which makes moving not fun. Put on top of that the fact that I know absolutely no one in this town we’ve moved to, and I’ve been keeping pretty much to myself these last four months. Okay, I’ve finally ventured out and met the neighbors a week or so ago. They’re nice people and we’ve visited a few times, but they have kids and a life of their own. But before that, no one. Not one person — aside from my realtor, and she’s way too busy a person to do things like, you know, visit. We exchange pleasantries over Facebook.

So, do I need a contagious disease to sit at home for a whole month? Again I say, Ha! I’m living that life as we speak. The only difference would be that I wouldn’t have the hubby coming home every day, or we’d be restricted from each other. And since we see each other for, like, three or four hours before bed, I say, it’s not that different. So, what do I do with my time? Not much really because I don’t have the energy to do a lot…

~ I clean as much of the house as I have the energy to clean.
~ I knit and/or crochet.
~ I read.
~ In the evening, I play video games.
~ I cruise teh Interwebs.
~ I do physical therapy for my hurt shoulder.
~ I read stuff on the Internet about my various illnesses for whichever one is bothering me the most at the moment. There might be something new or different I can do to help. You never know.
~ I look for valid ways to make money from home that aren’t going to wipe out my energy reserves.
~ I edit ebooks in my reader that have been digitally scanned but not edited because I can’t stand to have the header of a page stuck in the middle of a page.
~ I watch television (not as much as you might think).
~ I blog.
~ I craft.
~ I am a Facebook junkie. I constantly check Facebook to see what’s going on with my friends and family.
~ Whenever the weather is nice and I have the energy, I do gardening stuff outside.

And I've been kinda sick

And I’ve been kinda sick

If I were quarantined, my life wouldn’t be much different. Unless I were stuck in bed. Then I’d be doing much of that stuff from bed (except the gardening and housekeeping of course).  And I obviously don’t do all of that stuff every day for example I haven’t crocheted in a long time, but I have a couple of knitting projects on the needles. It’s been raining for a week, so no gardening. And I haven’t touched an ebook — in the editing sense — in over a month, but I have that option if I get the itch to do it again. Since most of this stuff is computer oriented, it can be done right here at the desk I’m sitting at. The very desk I sit at every day and watch the world from my window.  My laptop is a bit more limited in what it can accomplish, so mostly I’d be surfing the web and blogging from it. But if I weren’t stuck in bed, I’d basically be doing what I do all day now. Not much would change.

Same could be said for most of my "hobbies" ^_^

Same could be said for most of my “hobbies” ^_^

But even if I didn’t have the Internet, satellite television, or my ebook reader, I do know how to entertain myself. I have boxes and boxes of books – fiction and non-fiction. Way more than would take me to go through in a month, even if I read more than my usual — average stuck in bed with nothing to do but read — three books a day. Okay, maybe I might run out of books. Maybe. I haven’t counted how many books we actually have left, and I might not want to read them all (they’re mostly the hubby’s). But! I have enough yarn to last well over a month and the needles and hooks to make stuff from said yarn. Of course, I’d have to dig for patterns too. I have quite a few of those printed out and lying around. I’m good at winging it though. I also have boxes of of all kinds of fabric, along with the accompanying needles, thread, scissors, etc… I can make all the shit I keep saying I’m gonna make but get distracted by the siren call of the Internet. I know how. And I don’t need videos to tell me. I have books galore for when I get stuck. The kind I can hold in my hand that won’t disappear if the power goes out. I know how to bake like no one’s business. And seriously, there’s really nothing wrong with reading the day away (ebook or paper book, makes me no difference), especially if I’m sick with something that’s keeping me in bed. I’m all over that like white on rice.


15 thoughts on “It is to laugh

  1. Like you, the only thing I would need to know is who’s gonna take care of the animals, who’s taking care of the bills, who’s doing the cooking? If the answer is anyone other than me on all three, I call that a VACATION WITH ROOM SERVICE.

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