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An… interesting… weekend

bye bye old car

bye bye old car

We had plans for the weekend, the hubs and I. We really did. We watched my baby brother get married via Youtube since I decided not to go there in person (explained here), but were unable to watch any of his reception because of a glitch in the video planning — isn’t technology grand? ^_^ Then we were going to go shopping, and then see about trading my car in for a truck. Why? Because we have a farm now and my little Dodge Calibre (the hubs isn’t parting with his Mustang) wasn’t cutting it when it came to hauling stuff around like lawn mowers and the like. No, we need a truck. And I didn’t want one of those monsters I see everywhere on the road nowadays. You know the ones… huge cabs, extended beds, six wheels. Big enough to haul around a mastodon if I needed to, and still seat the kids (or the crew) comfortably. I don’t have kids or a crew; I just need to put a goat or two in the back when the time comes, or hook up a trailer to do so. And, you know, haul feed, and hay, and stuff like that. I don’t need a ginormous truck to do that with. We decided to go truck shopping first.

Pictured... Sir not appearing in this blog

Pictured… Sir not appearing in this blog

Guess what we found out? They don’t make smaller trucks anymore, “You’ll find a UFO faster than you’d find a small truck,” said Hal, the salesman we talked with at the car dealership. I always go with a dealership because I never buy a car without a warranty. Call me crazy, I just like knowing that for at least a couple of years, things will get fixed. And he was right. We looked. I’d looked online for a while before we actually went to a dealership so I kind of expected it, but I was hoping against hope that maybe the had one stuck in the back somewhere that they just didn’t put in their online inventory. Nope, no smaller trucks to be found anywhere… unless we were willing to travel for it. Which we were not. So we started test driving the big trucks. Read that to say, we drove exactly one big ol’ truck. One.

Pictured... sir also not appearing in this blog

Pictured… sir also not appearing in this blog

I might have mentioned before that I have Dsycalculia, and with that comes this lovely symptom: Having particular difficulty mentally estimating the measurement of an object or distance (e.g., whether something is 10 or 20 feet (3 or 6 meters) away) (from the wiki). I also have an interesting sight disorder wherein my eyes aren’t doing their job correctly and I don’t have binocular vision. In other words, if my brain gets conflicting images from my eyes, it simply ignores one eye so oftentimes I have monocular vision. I never could see those “magic” 3D pictures, and I’ve never been able to watch a 3D movie. Hence, my depth perception is way off. Honestly, I shouldn’t drive at night because there’re no shadows to help me out (and I often get the hubs to do so). Driving in a big ol’ truck with a huge hood and a giant bed was a terrifying experience to say the least. When Hal the Salesman said, “Just park it between those two cars there.” I laughed hysterically and parked it in a big ol’ empty spot taking up five empty spaces and said, “You can park it anywhere you like.” Needless to say, we didn’t buy the big truck. Hal the Salesman pushed for it, of course (that’s his job). He praised my driving up and down for a while, but I wasn’t buying it — neither his praise nor the truck. Too big. No way, no how.

New to us...

Sir Grey-a-lot or, Lady New-to-us… I’ll think of another name later. Maybe.

So what did we end up doing? Well, the closest thing to what we wanted was an SUV. Yep, the one type of vehicle I told myself I’d never buy was the only thing I could think to get because it’s what I needed size-wise. All of my kids are grown and gone, and there I was, looking at vehicles that are, in essence, created for families. *sigh* What’s the world come to? So we started test driving SUV’s. I really wanted the Jeep Wrangler, but it was way out of our price range. We finally settled on a Ford Explorer. It’s the right size, not too old (2009), the right price, and all of the back seats fold down so we can haul stuff in it… even goats — if they’re small. It is a little bigger than I’m used to, but I think I can eventually compensate. I don’t have to climb into it, so that’s good. It’s not much bigger than The Beast, so If I could drive and park The Beast for over a year, I can drive this thing. It’s a little drab now, but wait until I get my hands on it. After a while, it’ll be as unique as the Willow Wagon.

I'll miss this car

Bye, Willow Wagon. You’ll be missed!

What’s interesting about that is… even though I know they’re going to paint over the stickers on the Willow Wagon, every salesperson I’ve ever talked to took his phone out and took pictures of it. They all thought it was an interesting thing to do to the car. But, they’re gonna strip ’em off and paint over to make it look as drab and generic as the next Calibre. It’s just what they’re gonna do, and I expected as much. I didn’t even bother trying to make it look boring again. They were gonna charge me to fix the bumper where the hubs bumped it into a concrete post anyway. And we were upside down on the loan. But as faithful and true as the little Calbre was, it just couldn’t do the hauling we’re gonna need it to do. So two days and eight hours  (eight hours!!! >_< — that’s the total time we spent driving, talking, and waiting… we spent at least four hours waiting for the finance guy).   At least they bought us a meal while we were waiting, well, they bought the hubs a meal. I couldn’t eat anything because of my elimination diet… Not their fault, but it didn’t help with my crankiness. ^_^ And they only did that because I fussed at them for the wait, and kept fussing at them. I was like, “Dude, you said it would be thirty minutes, like, two hours ago… We have lives beyond this dealership, you know.”  If I’da been smart, I’da brought my knitting, but I wasn’t, so I had nothing to pass the time. And I was getting torqued. I started pacing, and that’s always a bad sign. They were very apologetic, but that doesn’t change the fact that we were still waiting. We had plans… shopping and stuff, but my impulsive nature took us on a different course. Anyway, we have our kinda, sorta truck-like car that will — hopefully — fit the bill.

We never made it to the grocery store… I had to wait until Monday and go in my fancy new… truck. I can call it a truck if I want to! 😛


13 thoughts on “An… interesting… weekend

  1. As long as it gets the work done, it doesn’t matter what it’s called, right? I had always driven tiny cars before I got married and than the husband came along and let me drive his big ass car. Third day I took it out and reversed full speed into a passing truck which, in my defence, was going way beyond the speed limit. Suffice it to say I never drove the husbands car after that 😝


  2. Once upon a time, SUVs were trucks. Then, they became station wagons with 4-wheel drive. We need something along those lines to get through the winter and because our PT Cruiser is on life-support. But lacking any money, we are kind of screwed. Not sure what we are going to do. I’d settle for pretty much anything that would get up the driveway in snow.


    • We barely squeaked into this one, so I hear ya. Luckily, our driveway is flat, but we’ll have the snow and slush. My hubs may need to take my car to work because I don’t know how his Mustang is gonna make it through the snow. Pure stubbornness probably.


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