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No news is no news

So, the daily prompt asks us to “Scour the news for an entirely uninteresting story. Consider how it connects to your life. Write about that.” And while it’s an interesting prompt and I’m sure there are dozens of interesting blog posts about it. I want to say this first.

Me. Refusing.

Me. Refusing.

Now, I don’t refuse to write about an “uninteresting” — as they call it —  news item.  I refuse to scour what passes for “news” nowadays to find said item. I refuse to do that.  I stopped watching the “news” years ago for my sanity and I refuse to start now for the sake of the daily prompt.

I do however get a local new-ish page which comes across my Facebook page which gives me all of the local happenings, some might even be considered news-worthy.  I’ll talk about what was on that page today… First, the headline:

 EDITORIAL | Please Respect those Candidate Signs; Enjoy the Elk, but Put Safety First

The Beast

The Beast

Now, when I saw this headline cross my Facebook today, it confused the hell out of me because I had no idea what Elk had to do with candidate signs… But, of course, they’re talking about two different stories.  The first being that people are swiping the local candidate signs from places like fields and yards.  Why? A lot of reasons really… but the one that “connects” to me would harken back to when I was researching living in a van and going total nomad.  Did you know that those signs make good insulation? I wish I could find the link for y’all about that, but it’s lost in cyberspace.  The gist of it was that you buy batting or other insulation… and go around (after the election is over and they don’t need them anymore) and grab the signs as the foam backing.  No swiping of signs before the election is over! As that is considered vandalism and/or theft, depending on your jurisdiction, and it is against the law.  So said the blog I was reading.  I never did move into a van, of course… I bought The Beast instead, but it was an interesting read. Had I lived in The Beast longer than I did, I might have resorted to using election signs for insulation… it got cold in there. Of course, the silly thing was falling apart, so there’s that…

Not taken from the highway.

Not taken from the highway. Picture from article mentioned in blog

Anyway, the second part of the headline is talking about the elk that graze along on of the state highways this time of year. I didn’t know that the elk made a habit of grazing along that particular highway this time of year, but learn something new every day. That state highway is a two lane highway with no shoulders, but people want to stop and take pictures of the elk, and who can blame them? I’ve seen elk and they are majestic. I don’t condone their actions, I’m just saying I understand… Me however, I’m not gonna get anywhere near a herd of elk though, because like horses and cows, they scare the crap out of me.  Elk can kill a person without really trying, and getting out of my car to try and take pictures of them isn’t gonna happen. Plus, it’s not really safe for anyone involved really, as this article points out. It’s what happened to the bears in Yellowstone. They got too used to people and had to be put down.  Don’t do it. For the safety of both animal and man, enjoy them from afar. Not to mention, pulling over on a two lane state highway just to get a picture of an animal? I don’t care how beautiful and majestic they are… That’s really not the brightest thing to do. It’s just not worth the risk.

As for the elk, they wander down the side of the river behind my house all of the time. If I really wanted to see them, I just have to stir myself to get up early in the morning and take myself down to the river and wait and watch. But like I said, they scare the crap out of me. I’ll stick to pictures and the glances I catch from inside my house and car.


7 thoughts on “No news is no news

    • I know, right? I used to watch The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and Last Week Tonight, but even then got tired of satirical news. The hubs still watches them… well, except for The Colbert Report. Now I just get whatever filters across my Facebook page, and trust me, my friends and family talk about the news. That’s enough for me.


  1. That’s an interesting ‘survival tip’ about election signs, always good to have more information about serving after the inevitable zombie apocalypse :p As for the Elk, my parents-in-law get deer behind their house a lot since it backs on some woodland. It was always fun to see the deer just beyond the deck out back and no one thought it was any harm having the woods so close, that is until a family of foxes decided to take up residence there. 5 foxes to be exact, 5 foxes that come frolic in our backyard and scare the crap out of me >.<


    • Foxes I can handle. Foxes are small and eat rodents. We have coyote here and I can even handle a stray coyote or two. I don’t even mind the bear and the bigger herbivores so long as they stay over there —>. It’s when they start encroaching on my territory that I start getting nervous. Remind me to post about my “encounter” with the bear in North Carolina some day.

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