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Can’t do what?

So the daily prompt asks us to write for fifteen minutes about the third line in the last song we heard.  Okay, I’ll play, I’m pretty sure I can mete out fifteen minutes of energy. Though I might have to parcel this one out since I’m sick today. *cough* *cough* *sneeze*  I was feeling honky dory yesterday, but I’m sick today. blah.

Anyway, technically, the last song I heard was the background music to this video:

And as you can see (if you watch the video… watch it! It’s adorable!) there are no words to the song.  Someone in the comments asked for the name of the song in the background music and someone answered “Darude — Sandstorm” which led me to this video:

I didn’t get very far into that video before I realized that they weren’t the same music… not at all. So I googled “song name Darude” and found out that it’s a thing. One I didn’t know about. Kind of like people saying “First!” in the comments (thank the gods that’s not popular anymore).  If someone asks for the name of a song, some idiot is going to come along and say it’s Darude Sandstorm.  Of course, if you’re like me and don’t know of this meme, you’re going to look up Darude Sandstorm and get the video above.  It’s not a horrible video… all kinds of parkour going on there and a bit of a story without words.  Parkour is something I would have taken up if I had the energy and body to do so. It looks all kinds of fun and you don’t need expensive equipment to do it. But alas, my body just doesn’t allow such silliness in my life. Nope, I’m the sit and knit kind of person.

Antiques Roadshow logo

Antiques Roadshow logo

So anyway, I still don’t know the background music from the first video, which you should totally watch because it’s adorable and people need adorable in their lives. If the video link above doesn’t work or breaks, the page it’s on is here. I think the song I heard before this was the theme song to the Antiques Roadshow which we taped (can you still say “taped”?) and watched. It totally took place in Albuquerque, NM, which as y’all know, we recently moved from. I’m sure the hubs was watching intently to see if he recognized anyone. I know that if any of my friends were on there, they would have told me about it. We applied for tickets (it’s a lottery type thing) but didn’t get them. According to this FAQ, the theme song was written for the show and has no lyrics…

So, that’s why there’s no lyrics in my title (per the prompt instructions). None of the songs I’ve heard in the last 24 hours have had lyrics. So there you go. I could write about the earworms floating around in my head, but there are too many of them and they just kind of flit in and out and they are only bits and pieces. Annoying little buggers. And that, dear readers, is all I have the energy to write today. Sorry for any glaring errors… proofreading will have to wait for another time. Blah.


7 thoughts on “Can’t do what?

    • No fever according to my handy dandy thermometer… Every symptom in the book except fever (including heat flashes and chills)… but no fever. Maybe it’s pretending to be the flu?


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