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Don’t even get me started…

me... today

me… today

So, I’ve answered today’s daily prompt before.  And I kinda knew that by the new likes I was getting on an old post. That’s always my first clue. ^_^  But, you know what?  I’ve written several posts about this topic.  So I’m gonna just post them here and leave y’all to enjoy them because I’m having relapse of my stupid flu-like whatever this is and I’m not feeling up to a long post.

The upside is, since my appetite has disappeared with this stupid flu-like whatever it is, I’ve dropped, like ten pounds. Ha! Silver lining and all that. Blah. Wish I was feeling well enough to appreciate it. I’ll probably gain it all back whenever I start eating again anyway. Ha!

Anyway, here are my posts about grammar & language from newest to oldest:

Let’s Eat Grandpa! (previous answer to this daily prompt)

Language, as always, changes — talks about language change.

Overheard and never forgotten — talks about how people are judged by their grammar use and accents.

I refuse!  — talks about books and my love for old grammars and language in general

A small rant about grammar — What it says on the tin.  A rant about grammar, armchair grammar warriors, and language change in general.

Okay, I’ll give this a shot — my first post about language and language change.

So there you go… sorry again for the lack of content, I don’t bounce back from these things like I used to. I’m more tired than anything else, but I really wish my ear would get better because this whole having the world go sideways (vertigo) is just getting old.


5 thoughts on “Don’t even get me started…

  1. It’s been a crazy busy period here, too. I have barely had time to check my email, much less write … especially for old, tired prompts! And it’s going to be February before it slows down, I fear. Hope you are feeling much better real soon!


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