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What? No!

So it seems that today’s daily prompt is something they pulled off the shelves and blew the dust off of before posting it. A lot of the links in the grid lead to dead blogs (someone should really clean those up) and the very last one leads to a post from 2013.  hahahaha!  The prompt asks us to go to one of our favorite blogs and write a “companion” piece to their penultimate post.  Yeah, not gonna do that. But, let me tell you why.

And yes, I can taste the difference

And yes, I can taste the difference

I honestly don’t have a favorite blog. I don’t follow blogs that I don’t like, and as I’ve written before, I don’t do favorites in pretty much anything in my life. I don’t have a favorite movie, I don’t have a favorite song, and I don’t have a favorite food or drink. Okay, I lied on that last one. I totally have a favorite drink — I like coffee, and I like Diet Coke.  Right now I like coffee as well as Diet Coke. But there was a time when I drank nothing but iced tea – unsweetened of course. Y’all can keep your sweet tea, Southerners. More for you. I like mine unsweetened. So anyway, while coffee and Diet Coke are what I drink almost exclusively at the moment, they haven’t always been my staple beverages. And please, do not tell me how bad they are for me. I already know how evil Diet Coke is. I don’t care. Keep your preaching to yourself. 😛

And while I like chocolate, I can’t really say it’s my favorite food. I won’t go out of my way to get chocolate for example.

Srsly... wtf?

Srsly… wtf?

Where was I going with this?  I dunno. Oh yeah, the prompt asked us to pick one of our favorite blogs and I can’t do that because I honestly don’t have a favorite. I know, it’s difficult to believe, but I don’t. There’s also the fact that even if I did have a favorite blog, I honestly don’t feel comfortable with taking someone’s post — penultimate or otherwise — and writing a “companion” piece to it. Most of the blogs I read are personal blogs like mine, and they run pretty deep sometimes. It just makes me feel uncomfortable. I haven’t really looked at the penultimate posts of the blogs I read, they could be like my penultimate post (not counting this one) and be about flowers and moving furniture around (you have to read it to understand that). Who knows? Or they could be about the crap they had to put up with growing up with abusive parents, or maybe about living with bipolar.  How do you write a companion piece to that? I also had abusive parents and I also have bipolar, but I don’t want to play the game of “you show me yours and I’ll show you mine” because blogs don’t work like that.  Or they shouldn’t.

Me. Refusing.

Me. Refusing.

Anyway, this is a long way of saying that I think this is a silly prompt and I’m not gonna play this time. But in the spirit of writing to the prompt every day in November — a challenge given to me personally by a friend of mine, kind of like Nablapomo but more of a personal challenge, and more WordPress oriented — I’m writing about why.  I know, I missed yesterday, but she didn’t challenge me until today, so I’m on it today. Don’t worry, dear reader, it’s only 31 days. There can’t be too many prompts like this, so you hopefully won’t be inundated with too many blog posts about how awful the prompt is. We can hope… right?

Just for fun, where I learned the world penultimate. Monty Python’s The Last Supper


11 thoughts on “What? No!

  1. What a beautifully rambling post 😝 I love it! And I completely agree with you: having favorites isn’t as simple as it sounds. I like too many different types of blogs to have a favorite either. You just can’t compare them so how can you say one is somehow better than the other?

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