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What fresh hell is this?

It always intrigues me when I get new likes on an old post. Especially when that old post is not that interesting.  Okay all of my posts are interesting (kidding! I’m not that full of myself), but this one is kind of date specific because it was tied to a daily prompt that asked about a specific date (Jan 26).  Well, the wily buggers rewrote the prompt when they recycled it.  Today they ask us to use today’s date rather than a specific date.  Today’s prompt is this: What’s the date today? Write it down, remove all dashes and slashes, and write a post that mentions that number.

Calvin got it right

Calvin got it right

While I was happy to write about the number 26 because it just so happened to coincide with the number of addresses I’d had up until that point (Jan 26, 2104 — I’ve moved twice since then, so now it’s 28).  I’m totally nonplussed about writing a post about the number 11,082,015, or maybe 1,182,015, or even $110,820.15.  These numbers don’t really have anything to do with me other than this is the date in my life. I mean $111K wouldn’t buy me much. It’s not even enough to pay off our house. Maybe I could pay off our car notes with it. Possibly put up the fences we need, and hopefully get some of the landscaping done… but that’s about it. Then it would be gone. Gone like it never existed. There was a time when $111K was a lot of money, now it’s not even work knocking off the hubs for. That’s an inside joke between us, and I know he reads my blog. Worry not, dear readers, he is safe from me. I like having him around. ^_^.


Not that I’d turn $111K away if it fell on my lap, but I won’t go out of my way to get it either. I’m too tired for all that jazz. I’ve got video games to play and a farm to plan. hahaha! But seriously, I know that money’s not going to fall into my lap and I’m working on that. First I’ve got to get my stupid body to stop this stupid rebellion it’s staged. That’s a never ending battle in and of itself. But again, i digress.



But seriously.  This isn’t a fictional writer’s blog, I’m not going to make up a story on the spot about these numbers. It’s a personal blog. In the previous incarnation of this prompt, my life happened to connect with the number generated and it was good to go. Right now though, nothing in my life even remotely connects with any of the numbers generated by smashing the numbers of today’s date into one, long number.  Even if I took the year off and only used 1,108 that doesn’t help.  Or if I used the European method of day first, which would be… 8,112,015 or maybe $8,110.15.  Yeah, still not making any connections with those numbers.  Let’s see, maybe if I add them all up. 11+8=19 +20=39+15=54… nope… 1108=2015=3,123… nope.

Yeah, this prompt is a bust. I don’t think I can write much about it. I’ve thought every way from Sunday to try and make it fit, but it just doesn’t connect to me in any significant way other than as a date (with all of the slashes and dashes).  Good try, prompt writers. And hey, at least when y’all recycled this prompt, you re-wrote it so you didn’t just churn out the same date, because that wouldn’t have made any sense at all. Thumbs up for that.


6 thoughts on “What fresh hell is this?

  1. At first I was puzzled why so many people had substituted the number 26. Then I looked at the posting dates and duh…figured it out. This wasn’t a very popular topic, as I got to the 26’s quite quickly. Yet, I always have the most fun with the most difficult topics. My contrary nature!!! You did well with today’s numbers, by the way, in spite of your dis”counting” of your efforts.

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