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Brimming Bouquets

What? Two posts in one day? What’s up with that? Of course, I missed yesterday’s daily prompt, so I have to catch up. Since I don’t want to keep running behind, I need to post two today.

I answered this prompt before a little over a year ago. The answer hasn’t changed much. I’m still not a big fan of getting flowers because basically they’re just the rotting corpses of pretty vegetation, which I then have to dispose of when they wilt and die. Which they will, eventually. Yeah, they look pretty and all, but not for long. The hubs knows that I feel this way, so he doesn’t get them for me. All that being said, I know that other people don’t feel the same, so I don’t mind getting them. I don’t ruin other people’s gifts by telling them how I feel. I accept them graciously, wait for them to rot and then toss them in the compost bin with the rest of the rotting vegetation.

We don't even have a proper vase...

We don’t even have a proper vase…

The last bouquet of flowers that I got was from Doug’s sister and her daughters when they came to visit. Their visit coincided with my birthday, so they brought flowers. It was really nice of them, and I appreciated it. They were very pretty flowers (pictured here). My neighbor also gave me some cut roses from her garden, which was sweet, even if it was asthma inducing. Yeah, that’s another reason I’m not big on flowers, I have asthma, and too many flowers in one place — especially roses — will make me wheeze. Not fun. But again, I accepted them graciously, put them on my counter in a nice vase, waited until they withered and died, and tossed them in a the compost bin. Why ruin someone’s good intentions?

But the prompt asks specifically what we would do if we got a bouquet of flowers with no card attached. I’d probably freak the fuck out because the only person I can think of who would send me a bouquet of flowers with no card attached is my psycho ex, and I really don’t want anything from him. Especially love tokens, as I’ve explained before. So anyway, you can keep your anonymous bouquet. I like to know where my gifts are coming from and keep the ambiguity out of my life, thanks much.


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