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Curiouser and Curiouser

Man, it’s a good thing I put the daily prompt in my posts or people are going to think I can’t follow directions.  The last time this prompt came around they told us to write about “a dark night, your fridge, and tears…”. This time we’re to include a cat, a bowl of soup, and a beach towel, in “whatever way [we] see fit” according to the prompt.  Since my last post it still on the grid, and it so doesn’t follow those guidelines I’m sure anyone who’s reading it must be thinking “There’s no cat in this… certainly no soup, and not a beach towel in sight. What the what?”  Well, at least they’re not just mindlessly recycling their prompt.  I mean how would I go about writing to the prompt every day in November if they regurgitated old prompts?  (because it’s all about me, you know… ^_^)  Hmmm, now that I go back and look at it… it appears I’ve answered this prompt twice before, complete with cat, soup, and towel.  The first link just happen to be the topmost in the grid. Ha! So this would be the third time answering this prompt. hahaha!

He's even bigger than this now...

On his homemade scratching pad

So anyway, I can talk about my cat… He’s a big cat, as I’ve mentioned many times before.  The only way a beach towel comes into his life is when we use one to wrap him in to clip his claws… which we totally need to do soon because they are getting long. Most pet salons don’t do cats, did y’all know that?  Especially super duper sized cats like My Mister. ^_^ Whenever we take him to the vet, we ask them to clip his claws, and this vet will, but our last vet in Seattle was afraid of him and wouldn’t do it. I don’t know why she was afraid of him, he never bit her or anything, but she trembled at the sight of him and honestly just pushed his care onto any other vet in the office if she could (it was a clinic). Luckily, we don’t go to that vet anymore. We only stayed with her for the few months we went to her because we weren’t going to be living in Seattle for very long. We took Mister there mostly for shots and health checks.  The one time he had a health problem, she sent us to the emergency clinic… unnecessarily, I might add.

Homemade pad on top, store bought pad on bottom

Homemade pad on top, store bought pad on bottom. I don’t remember what the white thing is.

So anyway, the cat gets wrapped in a towel to have his claws clipped, and sometimes it’s a beach towel if that is what’s handy. He needs a regular clipping of the claws because we haven’t been able to find a cat tree or cat house type thing with the claw thingie (it’s a technical term) that’s big enough for him. Not one that doesn’t cost a small fortune anyway. I look at the tiny cat scratchers they have in the store for little eight pound cats and a laugh and laugh.  Remember, my Mister weighs 20 pounds. I’d cobbled together a cat scratching pad when we lived in New Mexico (see picture above) and he barely fit on it.  I was able to make that because we were fortuitous enough to have a bunch of wide cardboard inserts from some furniture we ordered and I stuffed them all in a shallow box. It worked for over a year. He loved that thing. Loved it. And used it often. I just flipped the fillers when they got ragged. But alas, no more fillers. It would take hundreds of strips of cardboard to make the same pad — if not thousands. Seriously, he’s a big kitty.

Wondering when his next meal is coming

Wondering when his next meal is coming

Speaking of his weight. He was actually this big when he came into my life. I inherited him in 2010 and he weighed this much when I got him.  I’ve tried working with him to get him to move around, but nothing works. He won’t chase anything but string, and that only for a little while. We’ve tried everything. His prey drive just isn’t that strong. He won’t chase the red dot — but my dog does, and it’s hysterical. He might occasionally go after crumpled up paper, so we leave these lying about. He will tear open any bag of food lying about so we have to put food up where he can’t get it. I used to put his food in a ball for him to chase around and that helped trim him some, but he beat that system. I might dig that ball out again because it’s better than him wolfing down his kibble.  After the scare we had not too long ago (blogged about here) we mostly feed him canned food which we water down into a soupy mix for him so we know he’s getting enough water. However, he was — ironically — losing weight too quickly which is dangerous for cats, so we give him a bit of kibble during the day to keep him from losing weight too quickly and now I think he’s gaining weight. Mostly because he’s stealing the dogs’ food.  Yarg.  I may have to start locking them all in their kennels to eat. *sigh*


14 thoughts on “Curiouser and Curiouser

  1. I am quite confused about these series of daily prompts….I did my first one yesterday but I just cannot seem to find it on the grid! And I couldn’t understand why there were stories about fridges and tears appearing in the grid! But now at least I understand the second part, thanks to your explanation! Thank you! Hehe 🙂


    • In order to find yours on the grid you have to link it in your post and your categories. I play it safe and link it in the post, the tags, and the categories. Then it know it’s good and permanently linked. There’s tutorials to show you how to do that.

      Once I realized that they were recycling the daily prompts, I started to cite them in my posts to avoid confusing people. ^_^


  2. I was about to say “you got me at the title”, but it’s been said 🐱 cats and Alice in wonderland, I couldn’t just pass by! Btw why do you clip his claws ? Does he ruin your furniture?


    • Since we don’t have anything for him to use to scratch his claws on and keep them at a sane level, we need to clip them for him, otherwise they grow too long for him and the claws will start snagging on things like clothing and the carpet. It’s like snagging our fingernails on things. It could injure him.

      Plus, whenever he wants a snuggle, he insists on doing that kneading thing that some cats do, and with ultra long claws, that stuff hurts! >_<


    • Someone challenged me to write to the prompt for November. Their own version of Nablopomo or whatever it’s called. So, that’s my challenge for this month. It does make it difficult if I’ve written for the same prompt before… :-/


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