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Party of two… thanks!

We got hitched!

We got hitched!

The daily prompt asks us to Plan the ultimate celebration for the person you’re closest to, and tell us about it. Where is it? Who’s there? What’s served? What happens? Let’s see, the person closest to me would be my husband. Some say it should be my kidlings, but I see my husband every day and my kids are grown and gone and have their own lives. They might remember to send me a birthday greeting if Facebook reminds them… (ha! double ha!) but I’m not holding my breath on that one.  The hubs is my nearest and dearest.  He’s the one I see every day in every way. If I were to plan anything. I’d plan it for him. But, we had the ultimate celebration already, which was our nuptials, which I blogged about here. That took a year of planning. I think we invited about 63 people and fifty five came.  It was mostly his family and maybe ten of those fifty-five were my friends and family.  But  that fifty-five people was plenty for both of us.  We’re both introverted by nature – him way more than me, but we still enjoy our own company and need de-stressing from crowds.  While I enjoyed my wedding celebration, I don’t ever want to plan anything like that ever again. And if you click the link above, you’ll see that ours was a casual wedding, with very little tradition and very few of the modern day trappings. But damn was it big enough for me. If me and the hubs are going to celebrate anything in the future, it’ll be just the two of us.

us on Christmas

us on Christmas

The hubs and I, we don’t celebrate birthdays much. Though I am turning 50 next year, and that’s kind of a big thing. (hint hint– I know you’re reading this hubby o’ mine). We celebrated our first anniversary because Hello! First Anniversary! But I think we’re not going to be big anniversary people. We might celebrate the milestones — tenth, twenty-fifth, fiftieth, that kind of thing.  We did celebrate our first Valentine’s Day together, but that’s because it was our first. We haven’t marked any of the others. We’re just not mushy like that. Thanksgiving? eh… maybe if there’s family in town. I do like to make the traditional dinner, but not for two… There would be leftovers for weeks, and my darling husband doesn’t eat leftovers. Christmas? again, maybe if there’s family in town since we’re both Agnostic. I like decorating and we do exchange presents, but we’re both kind of pajama all day people for Christmas. Halloween, my favorite holiday in the world, came and went without a flicker of a decoration to be seen at our house. We both stay up until one or two in the morning as a general rule, so staying up until midnight on New Year’s Eve is no big thing.  He generally wanders in at midnight that night to kiss me and wish me a “Happy new year” and then wanders back into his man cave to finish whatever show he’s watching. It’s sweet. It’s why I love him. Neither of us are Irish, so no St. Patrick’s Day. As I mentioned, we’re both Agnostic, so all of the religious holidays are off the calendar, and that leaves us with… not much else.  Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, all of those other “remembrance” days, despite what the commercials would have you believe, aren’t meant to be celebrated but reflected upon.

I love my husband

I love my husband… despite his eating habits

Anyway, if I were to take the hubs out to celebrate… something… there’s one thing he does love, and that’s a nice dinner in a nice restaurant. I’m not big on eating out, so that would be a good way to show that I’m there for him — braving the crowds. Since he eats out as a general rule, it would have to be a nice place I guess, or a place with good food (the two are not synonymous).  His favorite thing to eat out seems to be either prime rib or french dip.  blech! But to each their own. Sometimes he orders steak, so there’s hope for the man. But then he smothers it in sauce… so I despair. Weirdo. I’m kidding! Who am I to say what’s good and what’s not? I have strange tastes according to most of my friends. I like my food naked (no sauce) for the most part. But I’ve also been known to mix mayonaise and ketchup to dip my fries in when the mood strikes me. People find that odd. But when I have steak, I like to taste the steak. Not sauce. Same with baked potatoes. I happen to like the tasted of baked potatoes (with a little butter) and don’t understand why everyone buries them under a mountain of cheese, sour cream and everything else under the sun. Anyway, I digress (because I never do that ^_^). When I go out, I mostly get what the menu says is salmon and a baked potato. I really don’t care if it’s salmon or not, so long as it’s cooked through and tastes good. Since my diet is rather limited, fish is usually a safe bet.

Anyway, back to the topic.  Dinner at a restaurant with good food and a nice atmosphere is where I’d take the hubs.  I suppose I’d have to think of a reason to take him out to a nice restaurant, something beyond the normal reasons.  Knowing me like I know me, I’d pick a random day and celebrate it for my usual reason. It only comes around once a year. ^_^


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